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Published On: Sep 10 2012 08:32:05 AM HST   Updated On: Sep 11 2012 11:45:51 AM HST

Lauren J. Wang is our in-house expert on everything to do with "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." And now, she's changing gears and following the "Bachelor Pad." She will keep you up-to-date with the show and give you some inside scoops on what is happening from behind the scenes.

Finale Recap - 9/11/2012

Well Bachelor Pad 3 is officially dunzo but the drama never ends.  Read on to find out what happened in last night's shocking finale!

Erica Rose set the tone for the evening last night, she called out Kalon and basically told Lindzi to be careful (Erica has been seeing Kalon with other woman) Lindzi's face was priceless (she really needs to go easy on the bronzer) and Kalon was quick to defend himself!  That was the first awkward moment of the evening.

Speaking of couples, Michael was put on the hot seat and revealed that Rachel and him had a bad falling out.  I think he led her on in more ways than one and I don't think that was fair to Rachel at all.  He had no excuses and he knew that he messed up.  There wasn't really anything to say to save Michael's image, he's a jerk.  It also didn't help that he told Rachel that he could 't handle a long distance relationship but Michael is now dating someone from a different state! Uh loser with a capitol L!

Blakeley, I mean Jasmine, hello what was she wearing?!?!  This is not Aladdin.  Was annoying as ever!  She touched on her relationship with Chris which of course turned into a battle between Jamie and her...and Jaclyn! Total cat fight moment!  And then she was onto the next thing (still talking about herself of course) and opened up about her relationship with Tony!  They announced that they were moving into together and then out of left field, Tony proposed!  It was sweet, I guess, but I still find them weird together.  According to Us Weekly he proposed with a $100,000 Neil Lane ring!  Ugh so jealous!!!!  She said yes.  I wonder if they will beat Jef and Emily down the isle (what do you guys think of the latest cheating scandal? I say all bogus! I love Jef and Emily)!

Jaclyn was put on the hot seat as well and was obviously still hurt by Rachel.  She said their friendship is still not the same.  She seemed OK with her situation wih Ed but I think that she still has strong feelings for him!  On a side note, I need to borrow every dress in her closet!

Everyone had their jabs at Chris and I did feel bad for him.  He said he wanted to move on from his bad behavior on the show because he had heard enough from his family. His family was extremely disappointed in his actions during the show.  Jamie and Blakeley didn't buy it at all! Obviously they didn't vote for Chis and Sarah.

Nick and Rachel won the majority of the mansion's votes.  They then had to decide if they wanted to keep or share the $250,000.  The tricky part of this was that they were in separate rooms so they made their decisions on their own.  Now, if one said keep and the other said share, the person that said keep would get the whole amont of money.  If they both said keep, the $250,000 would be split among the entire household.  If they both said share, they would each get $125,000!

So, what happened? Well, Nick said keep and Rachel said share!  So in the most exciting and surprising endings of the Bachelor Pad history, Nobody Nick got all of the $250,000!  Poor Rachel was straight tears this entire finale!  Not only did she get played by Michael but she lost out on the money!

Everyone was completely shocked!  Most contestants felt like Nick didn't deserve the money.  Kalon and Chris showed their support to Nick and said he played the game well.  What do you guys think?  Would you have shared or kept the money?  Do you think Nick owed anything to Rachel?

Nick refused to even talk to Rachel at the end and he walked away a very rich man!  Congratulations to Bachelor Pad 3 winner NICK!

This has been such an unforgettable season of the Bachelor Pad!  I am already counting down the days until next season!  And don't forget guys, The Bachelor is right around the corner!


Finale Preview - 9/10/2012

This is it!!!  The most dramatic season finale is tonight! Chris Harrison said that we will be in for lots of twists and turns and surprise after surprise!!!! AND rumor in the Bachelor Pad world is that someone even proposes tonight!

Who will the house vote for to win the $250,000?  Which couples are still together? Will Jacyln forgive Rachel?  Will Michael and Erica make up?  What will Chris say to Jamie?

Alright guys hold on to your hats because we know this is going to be one bumpy finale! Tune in tonight at 7 p.m. sharp on KITV and you can all talk to me during the finale on twitter at #bachelorpadhi!



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