"Bachelor Pad": Week 2

Published On: Jul 30 2012 11:24:00 AM HST

Lauren J. Wang is our in-house expert on everything to do with "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." And now, she's changing gears and following the "Bachelor Pad." She will keep you up-to-date with the show and give you some inside scoops on what is happening from behind the scenes.

Week 2 Recap - 7/31/2012

Last night’s episode of the Bachelor Pad was one to remember!  Two people left the house on their OWN and the boys showed their masculine side… in leotards (haha, yes you read the right)!   Hope you noted the sarcasm there!

The second competition of the season was "Rhythmic Gymnastics."  We would like to assume that the ladies are a little more graceful than the guys.  Uh, this was not the case last night. T he girls were just horrible.  I mean, not graceful at all!

The guys on the other hand were awesome.  They added their personality into the performance and they were just fun to watch.  JP and Ashley were guest judges and cute as ever!  They had to pick the best female performer and the best male performer.  That was the easy decision though; they also had to pick the worst female performer and the worst male performer.   They chose Blakely and Chris as the best performers and Ed and Erica as the worst (they each had one vote against them going into elimination).  Erica was, of course, a little worried; this was the second week in a row that she was last in a competition.

Mike chose Rachel, Lindzi and super fan Donna to go on his 3-on-1 date.  You could tell the whole time he was really into Rachel.   He gave her the rose (so she was safe from elimination) and I think that there is a love connection there.  Donna was disappointed because she has a huge crush on Mike.  She even drew a sketch photo of him (uh, stalker status).  Blakely chose Chris, Ed and Dave (superfan) for her 3-on-1 date.  Dave really wanted the rose and he is actually a pretty smart guy.  He told Blakely that he would do whatever she wanted. He knows how to play this game, I hope he makes it far.

Chris, on the other hand, is playing Blakely.  She obviously has a crush on him.  He made out with Jamie and her in the same night, but he doesn’t have feelings for either of them and is doing what is best for him. B lakely is blinded by this though and Chris would turn his back on her in a second.

Back at the mansion, the arguing, hooking up (Ed and Sarah hooked up and Kalon and Lindzi are getting very, very cozy) and drinking continued.   The twins are so entertaining.   I am sad that they left.  They argued constantly and kept the whole house up to all hours of the night.  Brittany decided enough’s enough and wanted to go home.  I’m not really even sure why.  But since the twins are considered one person, Erica had to pack her bags too. HAHA -- she tried to say bye to Dave (they shared some “special” moments and he was not feeling it… he was passed out.  So goodbye to the most annoying twins on the planet!  Good news for the girls, this meant no one had to face elimination.

There was a surprise twist at the end of last night’s episode; Dave was a front runner to be eliminated.  Of course the house wants to get rid of all the superfans. But alliances were built and who were on the chopping board?  Ed and Ryan!  It was so sad though -- the 32-year-old virgin, Ryan, was sent packing.  He didn’t expect this at all and felt betrayed.

Well this season is off to an amazing start!   I can’t wait to talk to you guys next Monday night at 7 p.m. for a brand new episode. Remember to talk to me at #bachelorpadhi!


Week 2 Preview - 7/30/2012

It looks like the guys will be struggling with the second competition of the season.  These ex-bachelors and ex-bachelorettes will be competing in something called, "Rhythmic Gymnastics."   And who will be judging the competition? None other than Ashley AND J.P.   I can’t wait to see this (I love them especially JP)!

As shown in the preview, a new romance starts up this episode.  Between who?  Let’s hope it’s not Jamie and Chris (I would vote them as the most awkward couple of the year).  Who do you guys think it will be?  Rumor has it that Lindzi and Kalon are hot and heavy right now.  Could Monday night’s episode be the beginning of their relationship?

Also, who will get voted off?  What new alliances will be built?   I feel bad; I think the superfans have no shot in this competition.  They will all be going home very shortly unless a romance brews between them and one of the past cast members in the house!

Make sure to tune in Monday night at 7 p.m. right here on KITV for a new episode of the Bachelor Pad.  We can talk throughout the episode at #bachelorpadhi!



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