"Bachelor Pad": Week 3

Published On: Aug 06 2012 12:00:00 AM HST

Lauren J. Wang is our in-house expert on everything to do with "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." And now, she's changing gears and following the "Bachelor Pad." She will keep you up-to-date with the show and give you some inside scoops on what is happening from behind the scenes.

Week 3 Recap - 8/7/2012

Talk about a sticky situation last night on the "Bachelor Pad."  The remaining ex-bachelors and ex-bachelorettes had to go through a complete ice cream sundae obstacle course (um, yum)!

Everyone paired up and of course as always the ladies went first.   Jamie won on the girls side (I was surprised she was more athletic than I thought).  The men had to do the obstacle course as well but they started from the opposite end of it.

David actually won the competition, beating out Micheal!  It was so track and field Olympic status.  It went down to the wire and they had to replay it to see who actually won!

So, David and Rachel won the third competition of the season.  And poor Jamie who pulled ahead of the pack had one vote against her because her partner Ed couldn’t even complete the course!

David went to "prom" on his 3-on-1 date (no, seriously) and he took Blakely, Jamie and Erica.  An interesting mix, considering Blakely and Jamie do not get along.  David actually went behind Blakely’s back and gave the Jamie the rose.   I don’t know if that was the smartest decision but David seems to really know how to play this game, so maybe he has something up his sleeve!  Blakely was obviously angry that she did not get the rose and I think she will definitely be David’s frenemy from here on out.

Rachel and her three men (Michael, Nick and Tony) went to the famous wax museum in L.A.  They acted like wax people (which was kind of corny but cool at the same time).   They really did look like wax statues and seriously it did freak me out!  I felt so bad for Tony, as he was posing as a statue.  Some fans of the show called him pathetic.  Little did they know, they were actually just "posing" as statues.   How embarrassing!

Rachel is falling for Michael hard.  She gave him the rose, of course.   I think he likes her too but she is taking it all way to seriously.  She was crying of course about her feelings and it’s like whoa, slow down Rachel!  Geez girls really are crazy! 

And speaking of crazy, poor Jamie got turned down once again by Chris.  He used the excuse, "I’m tired," when she asked to sleep in his bunk.   I think I need to get her the book, "He’s Just Not That Into You."\

Sarah is a little sneaky; I’m not sure how to read her.  Bu,t she told Ed that Reid was the one building an alliance against him.  So poor Reid ( I think he’s cute), his whole plan turned against him in an instant and he was sent home along with super fan Donna (I loved how she was like in shock because she said usually every guy falls for her). 

That rejected limo ride was one of my favorites of all-time. She was just talking about herself and how great she is!

Next week’s episode is going to be the best yet.  On a side note, I am so, so sorry but yesterday’s preview was actually for next Monday’s episode (sorry guys, don’t be mad)!   But, just get excited because we are going to get the "in" on how everyone really feels about each other!  This is not going to be a pretty Monday night!

Make sure to chat with me at 7 p.m. at #bachelorpadhi!


Week 3 Preview - 8/6/2012

It’s the episode we are all looking forward to -- the ex-bachelors and ex-bachelorettes will be answering very personal questions about one another (skeletons will be coming out of the closet).

We will get to see how everyone really feels about one another -- no more playing nice.  I’m a little scared for the outcome (guaranteed many will be left in tears).  We all know the women can be brutal, but I think that this is the first season that this group of guys may be just as hurtful (yikes)!

The winners will get the first one-on-one dates of the season.  And what’s planned for these special dates?   One date will be at Dodger Stadium (how awesome is that?) while the other will be at a movie adventure in downtown Los Angeles (sounds lame).  Who would you like to see win and go on a one-on-one date?   I am looking forward to seeing Lindzi and Kalon on a date together!

Also, the drama continues at the house.   All of the women are getting very protective over their partners (ahem Blakely).  Bottom line though -- just because you are partners with someone DOES not mean that you have to be romantically involved.  This is obviously not clear to all the women.  Who will hook up with who this week?  I’m very interested to see if Rachel and Mike’s relationship will go further.  He did say that this time around he is looking for love -- not just the $250,000!

Will the remaining super fans be sent home?  Or will there be a surprise twist like last week?   Let’s talk tonight at #bachelorpadhi! A brand new episode is at 7 p.m. sharp on Monday!  Man, our Monday’s are just getting better and better!



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