"Bachelor Pad": Week 4

Published On: Aug 13 2012 12:00:00 AM HST

Lauren J. Wang is our in-house expert on everything to do with "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." And now, she's changing gears and following the "Bachelor Pad." She will keep you up-to-date with the show and give you some inside scoops on what is happening from behind the scenes.

Chris Bukowski Interview - 8/16/2012

Well I’m still not too sure what to think of Chris.  We saw a completely different side of him on "The Bachelorette" but keep reading to see how Chris defends his actions on the "Bachelor Pad."

Chris went into "The Bachelorette" looking for love and as well know he was very close in finding it with Emily. But he went into the "Bachelor Pad" with a different approach and not for looking for love.

Chris’s goal was to win the money and that’s that. He feels that he shouldn’t be judge on how he is in relationships based on a game show. He does feel bad that he hurt some girl’s feelings (Jamie in particular) but it’s a game (he said that a lot)! On a game show, especially one like the "Bachelor Pad," you can’t be nice.  He was there to win the money and he was going to do whatever it takes.

Chris did say that Jamie and Blakeley were there for the money too, we just didn’t see them talking about it.  He decided he didn’t want to be partners with Blakeley anymore because it started to not be fun for him.  He felt that Blakeley was definitely the best partner for him at first (she was the most athletic and the most competitive.  He did say if he could start from the beginning and pick a different partner it would have been Rachel or Sarah) but it just started to not work out.

He wanted to change up the game too and build new alliances so that factored into why he wanted to kick Blakeley out.  He wasn’t mad at Ed or Kalon for turning against their word and voting Jamie off instead of Blakeley.  He understands that it is a game and he was able to separate it from real life.

Chris loves being on the "Bachelor Pad," he has met so many good people and it has been such an amazing experience.   Chris loved being at the mansion because it has so much “history” and being on Emily’s season he wasn’t able to experience it because everything was filmed in Charlotte.

He is still good friends with Ed and hopes that down the road he can make up with Jamie. He really didn’t know that he hurt Jamie like that and he didn’t think it was that bad for her. He said he may reach out to her but he is waiting for everything to just play itself out.

Now on to the biggest news of the call this morning….dun dun dun…Chris is moving to my hometown of GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND!  It totally sucks that I don’t live there anymore (PS he was vacationing in Hawaii recently, how did I NOT know that)?

But I will be back to visit Maryland in November for my best friend’s wedding, what do you guys think, should I ask him (haha, totally kidding, OK maybe I’m actually dead serious)? Maryland is such an amazing state and I miss it so much….I hope he likes it (don’t worry I will absolutely be giving him Montgomery County survival tips)! Good luck Chris!

And on a side note, Chris does still keep in touch with Jef and Arie from "The Bachelorette" and thinks that Jef and Emily are 100% compatible (I respect him for saying that). He really feels like they can last and thinks they make a great couple (so good to hear that, I agree)!

Chris has a big target on his back next week; let’s hope he doesn’t get eliminated. He really is the core of the "Bachelor Pad" season 3! I can’t wait to talk to you guys on Monday at 7 p.m. at #bachelorpadhi during a brand new episode!


Week 4 Recap - 8/14/2012

There were lots of tears, lies and more back stabbing on last night’s episode of "Bachelor Pad."  The ex- bachelors and ex-bachelorettes had to answer very personal questions about one another.  The fun part of this was that the guys answered questions about the girls AND the girls answered questions about the guys.

Of course this type of competition wouldn’t be a competition without some tears (Jamie cried, no surprise there) and not only was it confirmed that Blakeley doesn’t like her BUT Jaclyn isn’t a big fan of Ms. Jamie as well.   Ed and Jacyln actually won the competition (good for them, I really have a semi-crush on Ed).  David and Rachel had the least amount of points and had a vote against them going into the rose ceremony.

Jaclyn and Ed got the first one on one dates of the season. Jaclyn actually ended up choosing Ed as her date (Sarah was not happy about this) and they had a really good time.  I think they definitely have more of a friend vibe but I like them as a team because I feel like they have a lot of trust.  They had to make an important decision during their date…since Jaclyn chose Ed as her date there was a free rose to give out and also a one on one date.  They decided to give the rose to Chris (ugh, I know). But instead of choosing either Blakeley or Jamie to go on his date, Chris surprised everyone and chose Sarah (boy did that make Blakely and Jamie mad)!

Chris and Sarah had a really cool date. They got to film an action scene together! They had a really good time with one another and they didn’t even come home that night -- poor Jamie was waiting for Chris all night (sad face). Blakeley and Jamie had yet another confrontation and it’s like okay you guys don’t like each other and Chris is playing both of you, MOVE ON!

Speaking of Chris, he tried to turn his alliance against Blakeley. He felt that keeping Jamie was the best idea because he knew that he could basically make her do anything he wants.  Chris is such a jerk this season and karma is a b****.  Both Ed and Kalon, his best friends in the house, turned against him and didn’t vote Blakeley off. You could see that Chris felt so dumb at the end of the episode when Blakeley was making the toast (haha, he total deserved that).

So who went home? Superfan David AND Jamie.  I was sad to see David go; I think he has really done a great job at playing this game! And I think all of America felt for Jamie. She had an awkward last conversation with Chris (I really don’t like him) and she really is just so desperate to find love. That was a very sad limo ride, even worse than in a lot of bachelor slash bachelorette episodes!

Okay, so there are only a few left competing for that $250,000. Who will go home next? Chris is almost a shoe in on the guy’s side to go home BUT it’s the Bachelor Pad so you never know! Who will get the axe on the girl’s side? Stay tuned next Monday night at 7 p.m. right here on KITV for a brand new episode. And hello guys, don’t forget to chat with me at #bachelorpadhi!


Week 4 Preview - 8/13/2012

Okay.  So, for real now. TONIGHT is the episode we are all looking forward to -- the ex-bachelors and ex-bachelorettes will be answering very personal questions about one another (skeletons will be coming out of the closet). We will get to see how everyone really feels about one another, no more playing nice. I’m a little scared for the outcome (guaranteed many will be left in tears). We all know the women can be brutal, but I think that this is the first season that this group of guys may be just as hurtful (yikes)!

The winners will get the first one-on-one dates of the season. And what’s planned for these special dates? One date will be at Dodger Stadium (how awesome is that?) while the other will be at a movie adventure in downtown Los Angeles (sounds lame). Who would you like to see win and go on a one-on-one date?  I am looking forward to seeing Lindzi and Kalon on a date together.  I wonder if he will be his cocky self or charming???

Also, the drama continues at the house.  All of the women want to get to “know” Chris…why??? I don’t know, I guess there aren’t that many options at the house. But he is lame to me. So who does Chris try to hook up with tonight? And who else will hook up with who this week? Will Mike and Rachel continue their blossoming relationship? He did say that this time around he is looking for love, not just the $250,000!

Will the remaining super fan be sent home? Or will there be a surprise twist like last week? Let’s talk tonight at #bachelorpadhi! A brand new episode is at 7 p.m. sharp on KITV! Man, our Monday’s are just getting better and better!



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