"Bachelor Pad": Week 5

Published On: Aug 20 2012 12:00:00 AM HST

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Interview with Erica Rose - 8/23/2012

Even though I can’t stand her voice, I had a really good time talking to Erica today.

She mostly talked about her frenemy Michael BUT she also gave some other fun details about the rest of the season and what the next step in her life is. Read on to find out more.

Erica felt so betrayed by Michael because even before the show she was texting with him and he kept saying how he would have her back all season. They were really friends.  They went to concerts and did a lot of things that friends do.  She never thought that she would lose friends after this season; she only thought that she would gain them.  Erica said that she doesn’t regret anything that she said to Michael at the end of Monday’s episode.  She doesn’t want them to hate each other but she isn’t sure she would want to be friends with someone that would turn their back against her so quickly.

She knew that Michael was lying to her as soon as she left the voting room with Chris.  She could tell by his reaction.  Erica said that she would have felt so stupid if she actually believed Michael and took Chris home with her.  Michael played the game just like last season and she didn’t want him to make it any further or win this season by dishonesty.

She was closest to Sarah in the house and to this day they are still close friends.  She was also very close to Nick.  She said that she fully trusted him and that he always stuck to his word.  Erica still doesn’t consider Kalon a friend (remember she knew him before) and out of everyone in the house, she was most surprised that she got close to Jamie (going into the season she thought that she was weird, I mean who didn’t haha) but she thinks Jamie is a really sweet, good person.

Erica was surprised at first by Blakeley and Tony’s relationship but now thinks that they are a really good match. And even though, she doesn’t see Kalon as a friend (and wishes he stopped commenting on her appearance), she thinks that Kalon and Lindzi have a genuine relationship as well.  She hinted that we will see how Michael and Rachel’s relationship unfolds later on in the season (I wonder what that means)?

Erica just graduated law school and is going to be working at a law firm in Houston. She is ready to pass her bar and move on with her life (eventually she would even like to have her own court show). She also mentioned that her father just did plastic surgery on Trista (I thought that was really interesting)! P.S. On a side note, I just saw a picture of Trista and she totally didn’t even need surgery!

Erica said she would not go on another season of Bachelor Pad but would love to be a judge of a competition (I think she would make a very entertaining judge)!

Erica thinks she would have won next week’s spelling bee competition (she majored in English). She liked last season better than this season and even called this season a snake den (so true, she even said that this game isn’t for her, she is too honest)!  At this point, Erica is rooting for Sarah and Chris! Who do you guys want to win?

Well, I’ll talk to you guys on Monday during Episode 6 at #bachelorpadhi!


Week 5 Recap - 8/21/2012

Wow, Bachelor Pad started off with a BAM!  Um, well I mean with CHRIS (haha).

Chris confronted both Ed and Kalon about going behind his back and voting off Jamie instead of Blakely.  Chris is definitely the target of the house and everyone wants him gone!

Last night, the ladies and gentleman competed in something called The Great Fall of China.  They had to carry stacks of tea cups back and forth. You’d think that would be easy…well it wasn’t!   It was painful to watch and even more painful to hear (shattering glass is seriously the most annoying sound EVER)!   In my opinion that was the most frustrating competition so far this season because you got so close to finishing and then if you dropped anything you had to start ALL over.

On the women’s side, Sarah actually won the competition but then was disqualified because she touched a tea cup.  Blakeley ended up winning (barf). On the guy’s side, Tony ended up winning pretty easily (I was surprised how disciplined he was). There was also a pleasant surprise to this competition because the losers did not get a vote against them going into the rose ceremony.

Blakeley chose Tony as her date so there was two free roses and one free date to give out.   She gave the rose to Kalon and he took Lindzi on the one on one.  They had a pretty remarkable date filled with all the romance you could ask for and diamonds….AND a Bentley! I was surprised to see how much Kalon opened up to Lindzi and I actually think that it was genuine.

Blakeley and Tony had a much more low key date -- they went camping and it included a trailer!   I didn’t see a romantic chemistry forming but towards the end of the overnight I definitely think that they sort of formed a bond. But I think Blakeley falls in love fast and hard so I’m not sure how long that will last.

Back at the mansion, tension was definitely brewing because Chris Harrison announced a surprise twist to the competition. Everyone would have the opportunity to vote out one woman of the house and that one woman chose who would go home with her. This changed the game for EVERYONE. Mike took charge and decided that he was going to get Erica out of the house and make it seem like Chris planned it. Everything was going well for the biggest alliance of the house until Chris took Erica into the voting room and showed her that he was NOT voting her off. Erica felt betrayed by one of her eldest friends (mini Mike) in the house and let’s just say the outcome was not pretty. Erica didn’t get a rose and she took Mike with her!

Will Rachel fall apart now that her love, Michael is gone? Will Kalon be the new target because everyone in the house knows that he is a dirty player? And will Jaclyn break down because she cares for Ed and he obviously does not have feelings for her? You’ll have to stay tuned and watch next Monday night at 7 p.m. right here on KITV!  Hit me up on #bachelorpadhi.


Week 5 Preview - 8/20/2012

It looks like we are in for another exciting episode of "Bachelor Pad."  We find out once again that the women on this season aren’t very graceful and there is a glamorous date planned (one of these gals are going to be very happy) and one not so glamorous date is planned (the winner and their date will be camping).

The women really struggled with the rhythmic gymnastics a few episodes ago and it looks like the women will continue to struggle with their feminine side.

In tonight’s competition the contestants will compete in something called, "Great Fall of China." Both the men and women will have to walk with a stack of tea cups (word on the street is that the bachelorettes are even worse at walking with tea cups than dancing with the ribbons). Yikes, I’m guessing this won’t be a pretty sight. But I sure am excited to see Ed and the men walking with tea cups, how cute!

We are in for a surprising twist from Chris Harrison at the cocktail party.  What could it be?  How will this change the game from here on out?  Make sure to tune in tonight at 7 p.m. on ABC! And as always, don’t forget to talk to me at #bachelorpadhi.



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