'The Bachelor' Episode 5 Recap; Episode 6 Preview

Published On: Feb 05 2013 11:45:49 AM HST   Updated On: Feb 05 2013 11:54:25 AM HST

Episode 5 Recap

I know I say this every week, but I swear every week I fall more in love with Sean! He really is looking to find the love of his life here and I do feel that he is starting to develop some serious connections with certain girls. I felt so bad that he was frustrated last night and I hope that he bounces back tomorrow night because there are some great girls left!

I don’t really care for Lindsay and I haven’t since she came in a wedding dress on the first episode (that was a disaster). I guess she’s growing on me a little bit.

Sean and Lindsay have similar goofy personalities but I don’t know if I can see them in a serious relationship. Sean definitely likes her though; you can tell by the way he looks at her. Their date started with a helicopter ride (Montana is absolutely stunning) and they had a beautiful scenic picnic (I’m not kidding, breath taking). Their conversations seemed flat and a little dull to me but I think Sean feels differently. He even said they have a connection that can't be beat!  It was cute to see them dancing at the concert and they look very comfortable together but I still don't think that she is the one for Sean. He did give her a rose at the end of the date and I think they both have strong feelings for each other.

The relay race was my favorite group date so far!  I loved all of the ladies out of their element…I mean wood chopping and goats (yikes) way too country for me! The ladies were split into two teams, red and blue. I thought for sure the blue team was going to win but I was wrong! I was laughing so hard when Robyn and Selma were going the wrong way during the canoe race and I almost vomited watching Des drink the goat milk (disgusting).

The red team won and got more time with Sean but later on there was a twist...Sean invited the losing team to come to the after party as well (what?!?! I know)! I thought it was sweet of Sean to switch things up for the losing team (he just wanted more time with the girls) but I could see how the winning ladies especially Robyn felt that was unfair.

We finally got to see some one-on-one time with Catherine, who PS is adorable! And Sean also had some good one-on-one time with Ashlee (who I LOVE). Who ended up getting the rose? Daniella (hot hair mess). And she seriously only got the rose because she started crying! Sean is just too nice!

I can’t believe Tierra showed up at the after party, like seriously, who does that? I give her some credit for taking a risk and showing up because she wanted more time with him. But it is definitely not fair to the other girls. I was impressed by the way that Sean handled it though. Tierra only wants attention and I hope Sean will see through her soon.

The first two on one date of the season was the highlight of last night’s episode. I love that it was Jackie and Tierra (two girls that obviously don’t get along). Holy dejavu (hello Rachel, Blakely and Ben last season). Tierra is so irritating and I’m still confused why Sean can’t see it. I guess he just really likes her and doesn’t want to even think that she has a bad side to her. I’m glad that Jackie told Sean about Tierra. She did it in a tasteful way too. I'm not sure I believed Tierra's sob story but for her sake, I hope it was true (she definitely scored some points with Sean). Unfortunately because Sean doesn’t like the drama I think that it may have hurt Jackie.

But, overall, I think it was good that Jackie told him about Tierra because it made Sean think. And for the first time this season, Sean really took what another girl said about someone else to heart (remember when he didn’t want to hear the drama from Kacie?). I am not surprised that he gave Tierra the rose because even though Tierra has a bad side to her, I do think he has a stronger connection with her than Jackie. Tierra's evil laugh was scary though (can we say crazy)?!?! Yikes, I wish Sean could have seen that.

I liked that the girls confronted Tierra at the cocktail party. I think that instead of being fake they just wanted to confront her and talk to her. She didn't handle it well but I don't know if anyone would. It's a tough position to be in but I feel like she put herself in that position. Tierra does have an attitude and she says some ridiculous things ("if I wanted to be engaged I could"...Who says that?!). I can completely see how she rubs people the wrong way.

Both Des and Lesley talked to Sean about Tierra. You could see the frustration in his face and he had every right to feel like that. The women couldn't give him exact examples of Tierra's behavior and Sean didn't know what or who to believe. This is the first time this season I have seen Sean like this, he even said he's not sure his wife is in that room (sad face)!

Robyn was eliminated at the rose ceremony, which was absolutely the right choice. I felt a little bad for her but I don't think Sean bonded with Robyn as much as he has with the other girls.

We won’t have to wait a week until a brand new episode of "The Bachelor" (I’m literally smiling from ear to ear slash jumping up and down). TUESDAY night there will be a new episode of The Bachelor at 8 p.m. right here on KITV.

You won’t want to miss it.  Monday night’s drama is nothing compared to what is going to happen on Tuesday.  I know we are all rooting for Sean to get through this rough patch and to get back on track to finding love!

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Episode 6 Preview

We are down to just nine girls and Sean takes the beautiful bachelorettes to Alberta, Canada (ah are you kidding me, I want to go too)!  We finally get to see Sean and Catherine on a one on one date (which I am so excited about).  Tonight there’s yet another group date ending with a gal taken away on a stretcher (can you guess who it is?) and after last night, Sean and Des will have some time to patch up their relationship after their awkward one on one time at the cocktail party…or will they?

Catherine looks like such a fun, sweet girl and we haven’t seen much of her this season.  But tonight, that all changes.  Catherine gets to have a romantic dinner inside an ice castle, wait, did I just write that.  Yes, I did!  How crazy and cool is that?!?!  Sean and Catherine definitely have chemistry and I can’t wait to see if their relationship is going to develop into more.  I really hope he gives Catherine the rose, I am a HUGE fan!

Seven women and Sean go on a very adventurous and dangerous group date!  The ladies and Sean strip down to their bathing suits in freezing temperatures and jump into near-freezing cold water (uh, I would pass).  One gal (I won’t name who it is) decides not to take the dive with the other girls and Sean, while another ends up basically non-responsive and not breathing at the end of this daring dive!  Who will end up getting the group date rose?  Or will Sean even give out a rose?  Sean continues to make tough decisions tonight and even decides to send one woman home before the rose ceremony!

Des and Sean had amazing chemistry after their one on one date at the fake “museum” and Sean has been smitten with her since.  That is, until last night.  Sean was questioning his and Des’s relationship at the end of Monday night’s episode; will they be able to re-kindle the spark on their date?  Will Des be packing for home or packing for the next part in this journey?

Who will be eliminated tonight?  Rumor on the street is that this is all too much for one bachelorette and she decides to leave…on her own.

The final six women and Sean will continue on to St. Croix as Sean is that much closer to finding the one!  Please make sure to check kitv.com this week for more bachelor updates!



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