'The Bachelor' Episode 6 Recap

Published On: Feb 06 2013 09:49:04 AM HST

I am glad that Sean was able to have more of an open mind last night. His attitude had to change from Monday night because we are in the home stretch now and hometown dates are just around the corner.  I was ecstatic when I saw that Sean decided to take Catherine on a one on one date and I was really happy that Des and Sean reconnected. The group date was one to remember and I give the girls credit for taking the “plunge” and freezing their booties off!

Catherine and Sean are just too cute together. They have so much chemistry…I swear they could have melted that ice castle they were in (PS that was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen). They are both funny and they get along so well. It's easy between them and I like how they can just have fun with each other (I mean they were goofing off so much in the snow-doing flips, making snow angels-it was all too sweet). I think Catherine and him connected on so many different levels last night. Things instantly clicked with the two of them and I loved it! I can see them together and I think that both of them know something is there (Sean even said that Catherine melted his heart). This is just the beginning for Catherine and Sean!

After seeing previews for last night’s group date, I knew it would be a dramatic one. But I didn’t think it would be that dramatic! Lesley really took charge this episode and it all started with her jumping in the canoe with Sean (the other ladies were not happy about this; she got like 6 stink eyes). I couldn't believe that everyone but Selma decided to do the polar bear plunge! Sean was definitely disappointed that Selma didn't want to do it. And to me, that's a sign that they aren't going to work (red flag-you're adventurous and she is NOT). All of the girls were super brave and I did think it was pretty cool.

Tierra is so fake and she just brings so much drama everywhere! She really plays that pity card so well. I think she faked the hypothermia because everyone else was fine (even AsheLee, who was freaking out and totally freezing at the end was OK). Sean caters to her and I hope he will see who she really is. I know the other girls can see right through her too. Sean specifically asked Tierra not to come to the after party so she could rest but of course she showed up! I just don't know what to think of her anymore and Sean will see her true colors soon enough.

At the after party, Sarah showed Sean some family photos and you could tell in his face he wasn't feeling their time together. It was a shock to see that he sent her home but he did the right thing. He didn't want to lead her on. This showed the other girls just how serious he is about finding someone. I'm not going to lie I teared up a little seeing and listening to how upset Sarah was. I hope she finds someone, she deserves it!

Lesley got the group date rose and I do think she earned it! I'm not a huge fan of her but I think her and Sean have potential. She was uber aggressive all day and really proved to Sean how badly she wants it to work out between them.

I really, really like Des. She has a lot to say, which I like and she doesn’t hold back. I also like the interaction between her and Sean. I think they have a strong bond and I can see their relationship moving forward. Their date was so exciting-they repelled 400 feet down a mountain! They made it down together and it was so sweet to see how encouraging Sean was to her. Later on that night Des opened up to Seam about not having a lot of money and they talked about core values and morals-they really do match well and seem to have the same beliefs. Sean and Des both had a lot of questions about their relationship going into the date but I think after last night, all of their worries were put to rest.

Lindsay and AshLee (two front runners) got a significant amount of time with Sean at the cocktail party. Lindsay kind of makes me want to vomit. She's so giddy and I know I keep saying this but she is so immature too! Sean is definitely falling for her though (bleh)! I like AshLee but she might be a little too serious for Sean. I think she is so genuine but she's also too emotional (she has cried like every episode but she does have a good heart). Sean has a lot of respect for her, you can totally see that. I hope he keeps her around until the hometown dates!

I was super surprised that Selma was sent home at the rose ceremony. I knew Daniella was going to get the boot but I really didn't know who else was going to go home. We all know Sean should have sent Tierra home but it will happen soon enough guys...well, I hope!

We are down to just SIX ladies! St. Croix looks absolutely gorgeous and the perfect place to fall in “love”. Who will Sean start to develop even stronger feelings for? When will he see the real side of Tierra? Stay tuned for a brand new episode of The Bachelor next Monday to find out!



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