'The Bachelor' Episode 7 Recap

Published On: Feb 12 2013 01:43:53 PM HST

I can honestly say that this was the BEST episode of the season! I knew that this was going to be a super tough week for Sean… I mean hometown dates are coming up AND the drama just continues with Tierra (she stayed on a cot instead of staying in a bedroom with the other girls…who does that?!?!). In the end though, Sean made the right decisions and I am so excited with his final FOUR ladies! Read on to find out how everything played out!

I have a lot of respect for AshLee and I know Sean does too. I can tell that he really enjoys being around her and what I like most about them is I can see that they really trust each other. AshLee is a little too serious at times but I think that is what Sean appreciates about her. I am so happy that AshLee was open and honest with Sean about Tierra. I think out of all of the girls, Ashlee is the one who he trusts the most and I think she is the best communicator out of the group. Most men, especially Sean, don’t want to deal with any girls that bring up drama. They want to be with someone that stays out of it but I think in AshLee’s case he took what she said about Tierra very seriously and really believed her.

I was completely taken back that AshLee admitted she got married at 17 but Sean handled it really well. I think he handled it so well because AshLee was so young when she did that. I don’t think that was a make or break deal with AshLee and in fact, I think Sean just appreciated her honesty. I almost cried when AshLee told Sean she loved him. It was the sweetest gesture and you could tell she really does care for Sean and she really does love him. I can see Sean and AshLee together. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for these two!

Tierra had the next one on one date with Sean (I know this is a ridiculous statement BUT she totally talks like Britney Spears). Tierra really knows how to play up her charm (I was trying not to vomit throughout their date). I mean if I hadn’t been watching all season and I saw last night’s episode I would have thought that girl was a bundle of fun. I think it was smart of Sean to confront her about how he was feeling. Tierra, of course did not respond well and she was immediately defensive (hello red flag). Tierra admitted she loved Sean but only to close the gap that she was feeling between them. I don’t think she meant it at all. Sean fell for it though and he said knows that Tierra doesn’t get along with the other girls but he also knows she has strong feelings for him and by tomorrow she won’t have to deal with any of the other girls. I was thinking the worst and I was thinking oh man, we are going to have to go see Sean visit Tierra’s parents, you know, the ones who told her she has a “sparkle”. HAHA.

Sean surprised Catherine, Lindsay and Des at 4 AM to pick them up and watch the sunset. The girls had no makeup on at all and looked amazing (seriously, I was not OK with that). Des was very aggressive on this date and for the first time she started to irritate me a little. I still like her though and I can totally tell that Sean is into her. Lindsay still surprises me and I can’t believe how much Sean likes her! I find her so immature but Sean really gets along with her. She’s too giddy for me and just whenever she talks I’m just like wait, please stop. We saw a more serious side of Catherine as she opened up about her father and I am glad that she is opening up to Sean. I think they are a good fit and I just hope that their feelings can continue to grow for one another. When Sean gave Lindsay the rose I was totally shocked. I thought for sure it was going to be Des or Catherine. Let’s just hope Sean doesn’t put that Neil Lane ring on her finger!

Sean and Lesley’s date did not start off well. Sean said that he felt that he had stronger feelings for the other girls. Their date was extremely awkward and I don’t think Lesley knows how to express her feelings to Sean. I think Sean was waiting for her to but she never did (I mean how many times can you look at each other and not say ANYTHING?). I like Lesley’s personality a lot though. She’s kind of a tomboy and just super fun to be around but I think when it comes to feelings she doesn’t know how to express them. I hate to say this but all in all I think Sean has more of a connection with Tierr-able!

It was such a good idea for Sean to bring his sister to St.Croix. She offered great advice and guidance. And who knows Sean better than his own sister? She was just what he needed to help make his final decisions.

Talk about one of the BEST fights EVER …Tierra had so many one-liners; I swear we could make like an urban dictionary with those or something (and Tierra, eye brows can get fixed, duh). I am so glad that AshLee was able to take away some of her “sparkle” and I can’t even believe some of the things she said. Someone needed to give her a reality check and I think that AshLee handled the situation well and did just that. I wish Sean could have heard some of the things that Tierra said but it doesn’t matter because ultimately Sean followed his heart and did the right thing by sending her home. For a split second I thought that Sean was going to give her a rose but I knew he would come to his senses soon enough. Yay Sean! We’re so happy! And Tierra, not all men love you…hello you just got DUMPED!

I wasn’t surprised that he sent Lesley home but unfortunately I know she was. Lesley will be just fine though, she’s a ton of fun and a total guy’s gal but please just don’t make her the next Bachelorette!

Hometown dates are up next (can you believe it’s here?). I can’t wait to meet Des, Catherine, AshLee and Lindsay’s families! So make sure to tune in for another epic episode next Monday at 7 p.m.! And don’t forget to check kitv.com for all of your Bachelor updates!



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