'The Bachelor' Episode 8 Preview

Published On: Feb 15 2013 10:44:45 AM HST

Episode 8 Preview

This is it, the moment we have all been waiting for.  Sean will be visiting AshLee, Catherine, Lindsay and Des's hometowns. We all know that this is the most crucial point in each of their relationships.

Sean's journey starts in Houston to visit AshLee and her family. Last week, AshLee told Sean she loved him, will Sean be able to confess his love to her too? And will AshLee's parents, especially her dad be able to accept Sean? Or will they have their doubts about their relationship AND Sean?

Seattle is up next for Sean. In St. Croix, Catherine told Sean the gut wrenching story as to why he would not be meeting her father. Do Catherine's sisters and mother feel that she is ready for marriage?

Will they believe that Catherine's feelings are genuine for Sean? How will Sean react to her family's opinion? And will this be the end of the road for Catherine?

Lindsay and Sean started off on a weird foot (well a drunk foot...OK correction, Lindsay's drunk foot). But now their relationship is as strong as ever. Sean is terrified to meet Lindsay's father (a general in the army, good luck with that one Sean), as he flies to Missouri to meet her family. Will he be able to win Lindsay's family over...more importantly, will Lindsay's father give Sean his blessing?

Sean visits the final bachelorette's family in California. But it looks like this is going to be Sean's hardest test yet, not only does Des get a surprise visit from an ex-boyfriend BUT Des’s brother is not very impressed with the bachelor. Will this be the breaking point for Des and Sean? Or are Sean's feelings strong enough for Des that he wants to make this work?

Only three of these amazing women will continue on with Sean to Thailand. Who will they be?

I hope everyone has their tissues ready because this is going to be the most emotional episode yet. Make sure to watch next Monday at 7PM! And if you want your tweets to appear on kitv.com, then make sure to talk to me @laurenjwang and hashtag it with #bachelorhi!


Interview with AshLee

Last week, AshLee was 100% scared that she was going home despite her and Sean’s strong connection (she was one of the two girls to admit that she loves him).  She felt safe up until Sean said that he didn’t want any drama and looked directly at her.  There was no cocktail party either so that added to her fear of being sent home.  She wanted the chance to explain the argument with Tierra among other things.  Luckily, Sean did not send her home and we will continue to get to see their relationship grow.

AshLee’s friend nominated her for The Bachelor and once she found out it was Sean she was definitely more into it and open about going on the show.  She was absolutely ready for marriage and was completely focused on what was going to happen between her and Sean.

She only went into a little detail about getting married and divorcing at 17.  She waited for the appropriate time to tell Sean and what we saw was exactly how he reacted (pretty understanding if you ask me).  She just said she was young and made a poor decision.  AshLee said she woke up one morning soon after she tied the knot and thought I think I made a bad decision.  Both her husband (at the time) and AshLee decided they had done the wrong thing and divorced.

AshLee felt that she had a better relationship with Tierra than the other girls did in the house.  It didn’t matter to AshLee that the other girls didn’t get involved in the “argument” aka one of the best blow outs in Bachelor history.  AshLee said Tierra is very dramatic and is as bad as she seems (there was no editing done to make her like that).  They did all try to get along with Tierra and she just didn’t want any part of it.  AshLee knew that Sean would come around and see the real Tierra (they were in fact arguing up until Sean came to talk to Tierra, so yes it was all REAL)!

And how does AshLee feel about Tierra’s alleged engagement this past week?  She doesn’t think much of it and it doesn’t surprise her one bit that the queen of drama is getting married.

She said that all of the girls were very close and they would do typical girl things on their free time…you know, hair, make-up.  They talked and gossiped.  And what was great was that they all had a lot of respect for each other.  No one bragged about their connection with Sean or rubbed anything in one another’s faces.  AshLee felt that Catherine’s sort of confusing statement at the end  of last week’s episode had to do more with Lesley leaving (they were best friends in the house) than with her relationship with Sean (phew).

AshLee felt that “balance” with Sean from the beginning.  She said they had the same upbringing and it’s like she was the ying to his yang.  She loves that Sean wants to adopt.  And AshLee said he is just funny, charismatic, and has great character.  She felt compatible and comfortable with him instantly and felt like she could be herself around him.  She didn’t have a hard time dealing with the other girls in the house and their relationships with Sean because she was confident in what she had with the bachelor.

AshLee went down the final three and why they would be good for Sean.  She said that Lindsay is just so fun and always cracking jokes, she said that Des screams stability, AshLee feels that Catherine has a huge heart, and she feels that she is good for Sean because they built a strong foundation for a relationship right from the beginning (and who is the best match for Sean?  Well, SHE IS, duh!).

Well, what do you guys think?  Will Sean propose to AshLee?  Find out who the final three ladies are next Monday night at 7 p.m. and don’t forget that for the first time ever there will be a Bachelor special “Sean Tells All” on Tuesday at 8 p.m.!



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