'The Bachelor' Episode 8 Recap

Published On: Feb 19 2013 11:54:34 AM HST   Updated On: Feb 19 2013 11:58:22 AM HST

Sean had a hard time getting blessings from all of the bachelorette's parents and siblings. Surprisingly, it was the siblings that were the toughest on the bachelor (especially Des's brother). Sean handled himself well though and he did make good impressions overall. Sean felt so much pressure before meeting each of the ladies's families (I felt so bad, poor guy. He had to meet four sets of parents)!

AshLee and Sean are a little boring together. Their conversation during their picnic was painfully DULL. I've said this over and over again but I do think that AshLee has so much emotional baggage…it might be too much for Sean to handle. I like her a lot and her parents were super sweet but both Ashlee's parents and her seriously lack any sort of excitement. I was in tears when Ashlee’s father told the story of how they adopted her (my goodness how sweet was that)! Sean had great one on one time with AshLee's mother and father. They both really liked Sean and could see how happy he made Ashlee. Sean has always had so much respect for AshLee and he gained a lot of respect for her parents last night as well.

Catherine and Sean have a blast together (it’s a completely different vibe from his and AshLee’s relationship). You can instantly tell that they just enjoy one another’s company and they both smile ear to ear when they are around one another. Catherine is super down to earth and I think Sean loves that she is open and willing to try anything (I mean what girls catches raw fish?!?!). I loved how Sean was wearing an apron (he seriously looked adorable) and was able to handle all of the women in the house (Catherine’s grandmother was the cutest). Catherine’s sisters seemed a little skeptical about whether or not Catherine is ready to settle down with Sean (I think she is but she hasn’t met the one yet and Sean could be the one to change her). Because Catherine’s sisters were so open with him I think that showed just how comfortable they felt with him so I didn’t necessarily see it as a bad thing. That of course did not put Sean’s feelings at ease BUT I do think that the chemistry between the two of them is real and I think he feels that.

Lindsay is still not growing on me. I really want to give her a chance because I know how much Sean likes her. I was surprised about how nervous Sean was to meet her family, especially her dad! But I guess anyone would be scared. I liked that Lindsay made things light hearted and eased him into things (she was trying to act so tough on him like he was in the Army and he was only taking things half seriously haha). I was laughing so hard when Sean asked her what he should call her dad and Lindsay didn’t know. Sean and Lindsay have a great connection and you can tell by looking at him that the spark is there. Both Lindsay's mother and father were very kind people. Despite how nervous Sean was, Lindsay's father (he is a general in the army-yikes and omg Lindsay looks exactly like him) gave his blessing to Sean. Sean seemed to feel very at ease with Lindsay's family and I think out of all of the ladies, Sean felt the most comfortable with her family.

Des's brother was unfortunately one of the main reasons why I think Sean didn't pick her in the end. And Des's prank was a little much and a little corny but I guess she did want to get Sean back! I could tell something was off but I was surprised Des pulled that off! Des's parent were very nerdy but nice. They obviously both really liked Sean but Des's brother was another story. He was so rude and you could tell how upset he made Sean (he even called him a play boy). After their talk, things were extremely tense and I knew right then and there that Sean was going to send Des home. He is such a huge family man so I knew that he would like to be able to get along with his brother in law. Des was devastated after Sean left; she obviously did not want the night to end like that.

Sean really struggled with who to send home. He had to walk away multiple times to clear his head and made the toughest decision yet. Des pulled Sean aside to apologize for her brother’s behavior. It took a lot for Des to do that and I do respect her for being open and honest with Sean. You could tell Sean appreciated her doing that as well.

Unfortunately for Des, it didn’t help. Sean gave Catherine the rose and I think that was probably the most intense rose ceremony in bachelor history! And that tearful goodbye with Des was just too hard to watch. He repeatedly said he wasn’t sure he made the right decision (I wonder if he regrets that now?).

Tonight there is a special Sean Tell All. The bachelor will answer all of our questions including why he really let Des go, if he still has feelings for Sarah and he will have answers to all of our burning tierra-ble questions!

So make sure to tune in Tuesday at 8 p.m. for this Bachelor special and continue to check kitv.com for all of your bachelor updates!



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