'The Bachelor' Episode 9 Recap

Published On: Feb 26 2013 11:53:00 AM HST

Well we are almost there (insert bride theme song here).  Sean is down to his final two ladies. Last night’s episode really made my heart hurt. I haven’t smiled and cried over a Bachelor episode like that in so long (holy emotional rollercoaster)! It melted my heart seeing how in love Lindsay and Catherine were with Sean and my heart ached for AshLee.  I know that Sean was breaking inside but he had to let someone go and he was just following his heart. We saw a different side to AshLee too (I wasn’t expecting that at all). Her expression could literally kill and I think she should look into playing a psycho in a scary movie, yikes.

Lindsay and Sean definitely have a lot of fun together and I think they both bring out the best in each other. She grows on me a little more each week but I still can’t stand her voice. I was so surprised she ate those bugs (VOM)! I could never do something like that and I know she earned extra points with Sean because she did. I like how Sean is around Lindsay though, very relaxed and just himself. You can tell he really wants to be around Lindsay, he enjoys his time with her. I don’t know if they have really in depth conversations and they kiss a little too much but I do know they both look genuinely happy with each other.

I knew Lindsay would stay the night with him and I am glad that she did. I think the fantasy suite is the best opportunity for Sean to get to really know the girls. And it’s not just about being physical; the fantasy suite is much more than that. It’s their first sense of reality…no cameras rolling, just the two of them. I don’t know if he will end up with Lindsay but I think out of the three, she does screams the most long term to me.

AshLee and Sean have such an intense relationship. AshLee is a very passionate person and has grown to really love Sean. She has so much emotional baggage though and I feel like that is going to be hard for anyone to deal with (Sean tried to handle it but he couldn’t). Sean tested her a lot this season and all he wanted was for AshLee to open and trust him. It was a huge deal for her to stay in the fantasy suite with him and I think that he needed that alone time with her to come to his decision. I know Sean cares about her but I think in the end, Sean wants to be with someone that can make him laugh. I don’t think Sean could relax and be himself around her. There are so many qualities in AshLee that Sean really respected and appreciated but I don’t think that she would make him the happiest out of the remaining women.

Catherine and Sean are best friends. I love that they can just have fun together. She is a goofball and a little weird, but that’s who she is. And I think it’s so sweet that Sean just accepts her for that. When he said No, I’m lucky to have you; I knew that right then and there how much Sean cared about her. I know that Catherine is very traditional but I am glad that she decided to stay the night with Sean because she needed to feel that security with him and Sean needed confirmation about how real Catherine’s feelings are for him. I can see them together because they have built their relationship off of a friendship. Sean is constantly smiling around Catherine and I like that they both seem at ease with one another. Love should never be complicated; love should just be simple. And that is exactly how it is with them.

The video messages that the ladies left Sean were just SO cute and special. You saw each of their personalities come out and my heart was full watching Sean’s reaction to each of them. I could tell right away though, during AshLee’s video, that he was going to send her home. You could see it all over his face. I’ve never seen Sean nervous before and he was literally shaking as he was speaking during the rose ceremony. I don’t blame AshLee for handling herself the way she did, but she could have at least said goodbye to the girls. I think in the heat of the moment though, you react so much on emotion. I think she was also in shock. And poor Sean, she gave him more than a couple of death stares (you could literally feel how angry she was through the TV). Sean didn’t explain himself well either (I hope he does a better job next week at The Women Tell All).

I do feel bad for AshLee, I mean her heart was broken right in front of us and I hope that she ends up with someone that can make her happy because she deserves that.
The Women Tell All is next week. Sean will have to be in the hot seat and will have to face all of the bachelorettes he sent home, including: Sarah, Des, Ashlee AND….Tierra!   I can’t wait to hear what he has to say and I can’t wait to see what the girls have to say.

The finale is just two weeks away! Will Sean propose to Lindsay or Catherine? Will the bachelorette say yes? Sean receives a letter right before he is about to make his final decision, who is it from and what does it say? Or will Sean pull off a Brad Womack and not propose to either (especially after his mother tells him not to)? All of these questions and more will be answered on March 11, 2013 for the season finale!



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