'The Bachelor': The Women Tell All Recap

Published On: Mar 05 2013 12:37:29 PM HST

Last night’s "The Women Tell All" episode was one of my favorite WTA ever! The girls looked gorgeous (especially AshLee, hello why is she so pretty) and I was happy to see that they all seemed like they were in a good place. The bloopers were hilarious and I wish we could have seen more (I’m sure they will surface on you tube soon enough). Tierra (her eye brow was still scary) was obviously very fake and in straight denial and I would have liked to see more of Kacie B. and Lesley M. but as a fanatic a lot of my questions were answered and I think that Sean did make the right choices throughout the season.

Tierra was her usual tierr-able self.  I found it funny that Chris Harrison was almost pushing her to answer uncomfortable questions. The girls didn’t attack her as much as I would have hoped (except Robyn and Jackie) and I felt like Tierra was in denial the whole time. She didn’t get defensive though (I was surprised she didn’t snap at anyone) and she didn’t see anything wrong with the way that she acted on the show. Tierra mentioned that the drama on the show never happens to her in “real” life…I highly doubt that. I was surprised she didn’t wear more make-up, I guess the bling on her finger made up for her plain jane-ness (it’s the WTA; she could have dolled up a bit more). But yes America, she is in fact engaged. She wouldn’t answer when she got engaged but she is! We wish you all the best Tierra, I’m sure that marriage will last forever, especially since you had to go on The Bachelor to realize that your fiancé was the one (note sarcasm). Never lose your sparkle and thank you so much for informing us last night that you won Little Miss Nevada. Ok, next…

I don’t really know if Sarah should have been put on the hot seat. I like her don’t get me wrong but I don’t find her very exciting. If anyone, I felt like maybe Kacie B. or Lesley M. should have been put on the hot seat over her (sorry I keep mentioning these two, I just don’t think we saw enough of them last night). I feel like they are both more entertaining to watch and I would have loved to know what they are doing now and their feelings towards Sean. I did cry a little when they replayed the clip of Sean sending Sarah home but I don’t find her interesting (she’s a snore and not very personable). I think she is a great girl but I do not think they should make her the next bachelorette (oh gosh, please don’t). I did feel bad that she felt such a great connection with Sean and he didn’t but she has been through so much in her life and I think that this experience will only make her that much stronger. I hope she does find someone because she is clearly ready and open for love.

Des is an absolute sweetheart! I loved the white dress she was wearing and she really seems to have such a good head on her shoulders. I think that we were all rooting for her to be the one that Sean proposed to at the end but you could tell that they both knew that they were not meant to be together. So obviously, there was a lot of stuff we didn’t see. I like that they both still have a lot of respect for one another and I think that says a lot about them. I hope that Des is the next bachelorette. She has an amazing personality and she is just so darn cute! I think that she would make for the perfect candidate and I know all of us want her to find her prince charming! We are rooting for you Des!

Let me start off by saying whoever did AshLee’s hair gets an A plus. I was kind of over the “ombre” style until I saw her hair last night. It was flawless and she looked amazing. I like AshLee because she is very mature and she knows what she wants, which are both great qualities but that girl is way too intense. I know she has been through a lot in her life but I think that she is too uptight (her look could kill, literally). I am glad that she called Sean out (how awkward was that?) and it did make me think a little less of Sean. Unfortunately, I do think he may have said I have nothing with the other two girls because his reaction said it all and I don’t think AshLee is a liar. She has been nothing but honest this season. Maybe he said it in the heat of the moment and he doesn’t remember but I’m almost positive he did say something similar to that which is obviously not a good thing to say, considering one of those two may be his fiancé. I think that they could have probably gone on for hours about what was really said but the bottom line is that he didn’t see a future with her. Now, that doesn’t mean that Sean didn’t care about her, it just meant that he was trying to find his wife and she wasn’t it. I think she can move on now and I don’t know if she would be the best choice for the next bachelorette but rumor on the street is that she is in the running. What do you guys think of AshLee as the next bachelorette?

Next Monday is the day we have all been waiting for, it is the season finale of The Bachelor! Will it be Lindsay or Catherine? Or will Sean even propose? I am so excited to see who he ends up with and of course I am looking forward to the After the Rose! Let the countdown begin!



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