'The Bachelor' Week 1 recap

Published On: Jan 08 2013 11:52:30 AM HST

Last night’s premiere of "The Bachelor" was the best in Bachelor history!  It had just the right mix of drama, suspension, tears and laughter.

There were a lot of twists (which I loved); they needed to spice things up this season and the producers did just that.

Even Sean surprised me; he was such a gentleman and he also made up his own rules (I didn’t know he had that in him).  And two seconds into the premiere, I was on Team Sean and hoping that this incredible guy finds exactly what he is looking for at the end of this journey.

One of my favorite bachelor contestants, Arie, came to give Sean some words of wisdom.  Their interaction was a little cheesy and Arie got another 5 seconds of fame (P.S. he is still in fact dating Courtney, Ben F.’s ex fiance) but I liked that the producers added some different elements to the premiere.

I was laughing so hard at Arie and Sean and their typical "dude" talk.  Arie didn’t really give any good advice but it was sure entertaining watching the two of them analyze how to kiss and what to say when Sean hands out the roses.  It was nice to see that Sean and Arie are still friends and I hope that Arie can make another cameo this season.

We got a first look at some of the 26 contestants.  I cried at Ashlee’s introduction, the poor girl was in foster home after foster home her whole life.  She seems like a really sweet girl.

I fell in love with Desiree, the bridal consultant.  She was just cute as pie and I think Sean and her are going to get along really well.

I almost gagged at Ashley P. and how she kept reenacting 50 Shades of Grey (hello, it’s a book).  Sean is not Christian, and double hello, honey, did you watch Emily’s season at all?  I don’t think Sean is that type of guy.

I also thought that Kristy, the model, was extremely stuck up and I loved that we saw her working out in a full bed of makeup -- typical.

The Bachelor: Sean Meets the Ladies

And Tierra (the "Courtney" of the season) was equally as annoying.  I can’t wait to see how she gets along with the other girls in the house!

Sean looked so handsome in his suit and it was even more adorable how nervous he was right before the limos arrived.  The contestants were all absolutely gorgeous and some of them were very clever with their opening lines and unfortunately some of them were not so clever (let’s just say you could hear birds chirping, it was that awkward).

Surprisingly, most of the women were so nervous that they even forgot to give their names!  I loved how Lacey gave Sean a lace heart and told him to keep it in his pocket so he wouldn’t forget about her.

Desiree gave Sean a coin and they both made wishes in the fountain (seriously how cute was that?!?!).

I was dying when Kelly, the cruise ship girl, sang to him.  It was seriously so incredibly strange.

Lesley doing the whole football thing was so overdone.

And Lindsay coming in a wedding dress was just too much.

Oh, and how could I forget about poor Robyn, trying to do flips to him and falling on her face!

Tierra made me cringe as she told Sean that maybe he could finish the heart tattoo on her finger, but it seriously worked.  He gave her a rose right then and there.  Gross!

I liked how Sean took control of his role as the new bachelor.  He broke some rules along the way and if he felt a connection with a girl he gave her a rose.  He didn’t want to wait until the rose ceremony to do that.  It did put a lot more tension in the air, especially for the girls who didn’t get roses.  Lindsay and Ashley P. both had one too many drinks and I felt like Sean handled both situations extremely well (it shows what a great guy he is).

And the mystery girl was Kacie B., the fourth runner up from Ben's season and boy did she look awesome!  Even Sean said that she could be trouble.  I hope they have a connection, I like her a lot!

The rose ceremony was different from any other rose ceremony because more than half of the roses were already given out.  Sean made the right decisions though and I did feel bad for all of the girls that basically had melt downs at the end.

He kicked off Paige ("Bachelor Pad" contestant) Ashley H. (she was such a snore and looked like Jasmine gone mermaid), Kelly (cruise ship gal), Lauren ("lost girl" and parents own an Italian restaurant), Keri Ann (struggling looking girl who drove thousands of miles just to meet Sean), Ashley P. (50 Shades of Grey chick), and Lacey, (heart lace gal…sorta sad about this one).

I hope you all watched the credits rolling at the end because Ashley P. was SO entertaining…Boomski!  Words of advice Ashley, keep the dance move and tie to yourself.  Holy disaster!

This season looks like it is going to be the reason why we fell in love with this show to begin with!   I can't wait until next week and if last night was a preview of what is yet to come, let’s just say we are in for one heck of a season!  Please check back at kitv.com for the inside scoop on Season 17!



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