'The Bachelor' Week 2 Recap

Published On: Jan 14 2013 09:03:00 PM HST

It looks like Sean is in for a lot of drama this season.  I hope he can handle this and it's only just begun.

Sean went on his first one-on-one dates Monday night and he also went on his first group date.  He handled himself well especially with all of the women and their different personalities.

I really like Sean and I think there are definitely a couple of women on the show that could end up being his wife.

Sean took Sarah out on his first one-on-one date of the night.  Sarah was born with one arm and, if you remember, she made it clear to Sean that she didn't want to be seen as different or limited because of her situation.

I think Sarah is such an amazing woman and she has overcome so much in her life (I was seriously balling as she told her zipline story).

Sarah is really down to earth and real and just sweet.  Sarah and Sean went on a helicopter ride and then spent the night on a rooftop overlooking the city (a typical date, wait, I mean scratch that, a typical date, on "The Bachelor").

Sean is such a gentleman and an all around good guy.  He made Sarah feel so special and comfortable.  I seriously love that about him.  Sarah and him had a connection and I think that he really does like her.  I hope to see more of her in the upcoming episodes.

One of my favorite parts of "The Bachelor" are the group dates.   It's like all the women take some sort of crazy pill or something.  They go to extreme measures to impress the bachelor or they go on a jealous rampage and it just makes you think, "OMG, I hope I'm never like that."

The 13 bachelorettes and Sean had a photo shoot to be on the cover of three novels.  Lesley, the girl with bad roots from Washington D.C., was able to sneak in a kiss with Sean during the photo shoot and boy did that set the tone for the rest of the date.

Kristy, the Ford model with the huge smile, tried to seduce Sean which in turn ticked every jealous vein in the other 12 women.   She won the competition though, surprise, surprise.

Later that evening, Katie (a.ka. the crazy-haired Yoga instructor) decided that this wasn’t for her and it was time for her to go home (already, really? Why did you even come on the show to begin with?).  That situation always makes me mad because the other girls who Sean eliminated on the first episode would have died to be in Katie’s shoes.

Tierra (ugh, she is so irritating) had a hard time dealing with the other women in the house and sharing Sean’s time as well.  She has rubbed a lot of the girls in the house the wrong way and most of them don’t think that she is genuine.  On top of that, Tierra is super jealous and super competitive.  I’m not sure why Sean likes her but he definitely does.

I was confused at first how Sean felt about Kacie B. (I really like her) but I think he sees her more as a friend.  I am glad that they were able to have some alone time together but I don't think that they are going to work.  It breaks my heart to say that because I really do love Kacie B. and I think ABC should look into making her the next bachelorette…or me (just kidding, ABC, call me, maybe?).  But for real, she has so much to offer and I think she is just such an awesome person.   I’m rooting for her to find love.   I wish it was Sean but I don’t think it’s there for them.

Even though Sean ended up giving her the rose at the end of the group date, I don’t think that necessarily means that they will have a lasting connection (I hope I’m wrong).

Desiree (a.k.a. Des) had the next one-on-one date and I think she is going to go really far.  You can tell that Sean really likes her too.

Sean is a prankster as we all know and poor Des was the first girl of the season that Sean pranked on!  He took Des to a “fake” art gallery and made her think that she ruined a $1.5 million piece of art.   I felt so bad for her, I would have been freaking out.  Des was in total shock and you could tell she couldn’t comprehend what was happening.  Sean and her went back to his place and their conversation just flowed.  They both come from similar backgrounds and have the same morals.  It was just easy between them.  Sean even said that he saw qualities in Des that he could see in his wife.  Sean of course gave her the rose, but Des hesitated at first to scare him and then she accepted, duh!   I hope that she goes far.   I really like her and I think that they are good together.

The cocktail party is always everyone’s last chance to make one more impression on Sean before he decides who he will give roses to. Lindsay (the wedding dress girl) and Sean had a really good conversation which made up for her disastrous conversation with him last week. Amanda (the yellow dress model with the scary expressions) was straight strange and her true self really showed. She didn’t talk to any of the girls and sat there by herself most of the night. She only lit up when she saw Sean and acted like a completely different person. She is definitely not there to make friends and the girls, especially Des and Robyn are not having it.

I liked that Robyn (outgoing girl with the long yellow dress) wasn’t afraid to ask Sean any questions.  She was very open about asking him if he was attracted to a certain race or if he has problems dating a certain ethnicity.  Sean did not hesitate to answer at all, he said that he had no physical preference and as long as they were sweet, caring and loving that’s all that mattered.

You could tell he really meant that (he even went on to say his last girlfriend was African American).  I think at that moment, I realized that Sean should be my husband ha ha. But seriously he is a man of great character and he deserves to find someone as amazing as him.

At the end of the night, the two rose-less women were: Brooke and Diana.  Sean told Diana he let her go because he didn’t want to keep her from her children if he didn’t feel that spark. What do you guys think? Did Sean make the right decisions?

Next week Sean will spend even more time with the remaining 16 bachelorettes as the stakes get higher.  Will Sean connect with more girls?  Will his feelings get stronger for any girl in particular?

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