'The Bachelor' Week 3 Preview

Published On: Jan 18 2013 05:13:00 PM HST

Lesley M. is one lucky gal!  Not only does she snag the first one on one date with Sean but she gets to break world records with Sean…. for kissing?

Yes, I wrote that correctly (one word, jealous).  Lesley M. and Sean will try to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest kiss.  Do you think Lesley and Sean have enough chemistry to win?  Will Lesley get the rose or will Sean send her packing?

Let the games begin!  The group date will be similar to the softball group date from Ben’s season (if you remember the girls got uber competitive and there were lots of tears.  I can safely say, we’ll probably expect the same).  The ladies will be divided into two teams and the winning team gets to spend more with Sean while the other team has to spend time at the mansion…with each other (yikes, let’s hope there aren’t any sore losers).

We finally get to see more of AshLee (the professional organizer, wait is that really a job?).  Sean chooses her for the second one on one date.  Supposedly, before AshLee’s date, one bachelorette (I’ll give you a hint, her name begins with a T), falls down the stairs which cuts into AshLee’s date as Sean runs to the injured bachelorette’s side.  How will this affect AshLee and Sean’s date?

Also, AshLee will have to share her alone time with two young women but these are two special ladies.  Emily and Brianna have a chronic illness and Sean has asked them to join him and AshLee at a theme park (how sweet is that?).  But Sean has another surprise for AshLee, a private concert just for them!  Will there be sparks between these two?

It looks like this is going to be a cocktail party to remember.  Sean brings one woman to tears while the women get even more aggressive and desperate to try and spend time with the bachelor.  It will be an evening filled with the most drama before a rose ceremony ever.  Which 13 bachelorettes will make it through?  Make sure to tune in next Monday at 7 p.m.right here on KITV to find out!  I want to know what you’re thinking, so make sure to tweet me @laurenjwang and hashtag it with #bachelorhi!


Interview with Sarah Herron

I had the chance to talk with Sarah.  She is the woman who snagged the first date of the season with Sean.  We could see without a doubt, her and Sean had a connection and I know we are all on her side this season!

Sarah has always wanted to be on "The Bachelor."  Last spring, she decided to bite the bullet and apply.  She knew that Sean was a top contender and that definitely pushed her to sign up.  Being on the show has been a dream come true and she has no words to describe how incredible this experience has been.

Sean threw everyone a curve ball (even the viewers) when he decided to give out multiple roses during the first cocktail party.  Sarah said that this was a big shock for all of the girls, including her and nerves were very tense.  A lot of the girls were on edge because they knew that their time with Sean was valuable.  Sarah talked to Sean about her situation immediately (Sarah was born with one arm) because she wanted to see if it was an issue and she wanted Sean to feel comfortable with her.  But Sean didn’t see it as an issue and they moved on from it (clearly Sean liked her, hello, he asked her on the first date)!

The women in the house were very understanding of her situation, which surprised her (let’s hope that stays true throughout the season).  She said that they were all so warm to her and that they definitely kept any negative comments about her situation to themselves.  They have all been sweet, accepting and even encouraging to her (see girls can be nice).  I am happy that the girls have been so nice to Sarah, they should be.  Sarah has been through so much and I don’t know about you guys, but I think very highly of her for coming on the show and I hope that she finds what she is looking for.

Sarah was surprised and honored to get the first date.  It was a strange feeling for Sarah that she bonded so well with Sean so quickly.  She felt sparks right from the beginning and Sean just made her feel so special.  Sarah said Sean is the whole package (I mean duh, we know that) and he really is as genuine and respectful as we see on the show.  Sean has a way of making woman feel good about themselves and she said that she wishes more men had that quality.

If Sean didn’t kiss her at the end of the date, she would have gone for it because they had such a great connection.  She was so happy that Sean saw her as this strong, unique individual and she thinks overall her situation made her standout.  Sarah said the next morning she realized that this whole experience was going to be harder that she thought because she had developed feelings for Sean.

Sarah thinks Lesley M. is really good for Sean (of course other than her).  She is not only beautiful but she is smart.  She has a great career and she is just wonderful.   She said that there are definitely sparks between the two of them.  Living in a house with so many girls is not easy and she understands why girls like Tierra and Amanda act the way they do.  She said Tierra has made it clear that she is not on the show for friends and that she is in it just for Sean.  She doesn’t think that Sean is necessarily being tricked but that he is just seeing a “different” side to her.  Sarah made a great point, saying that this experience will be more enjoyable and enriching if you’re not making enemies along the way. 

In Monday’s episode, Sarah said there will be a lot of drama and all of the girls true colors will come out.   She said that they are all in for a big surprise and one of them is left in tears before the rose ceremony!

Make sure to tune in next Monday to find out what happens!



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