'The Bachelor' Week 3 Recap

Published On: Jan 22 2013 03:30:56 PM HST

Monday night's episode of "The Bachelor" was one to remember!

Sean had one-on-one dates with two amazing women, a group date that brought out the ladies competitive sides and one of the bachelorettes was almost taken away by the ER after a nasty fall down the stairs.

And to top it all off, Sean even sent one of the girls home before the rose ceremony.

Lesley M. and Sean clearly have chemistry.  We saw that last week, as they shared their first kiss at the photo shoot and their connection continued later on that night.

I like her, don’t get me wrong, but something about her annoys me.  I’m not sure what it is.  She kind of reminds me of Emily from Ben’s season.  She is the “safe” girl.  Pretty but nothing special, she has a good personality but nothing spectacular.  She’s just well, average, and there is nothing wrong with that but I think that there are other girls that Sean has more potential with.  Also, Lesley kind of reminds me of a Kardashian, like no expression, whether happy or sad and I am the opposite of that so maybe that’s why I can’t relate to her. 

Lesley and Sean’s date was not your ordinary date.  The two had to share a kiss in front of hundreds of people, and, not only that, this kiss had to be longer than the world’s longest on screen kiss.

If you think about it, three minutes is a long time and to think you’d have to kiss for that long seems easy but it’s not at all (not that I’ve tried but I’m just saying, kissing for three minutes is harder than it looks).

Lesley and Sean beat the world record and it was cute seeing them together.  They seem very comfortable with each other.  I think that their relationship is very physical though and I’m not sure I see a lot of depth.  But, I know Sean really likes her so I think we will see her around for awhile.

It looked like it was going to be just a nice day at the beach until Chris Harrison said the girls would be playing beach volleyball on the group date (the girls were split into two teams, red and blue) and the winning team would get more time with Sean.

You could just see the competitive edge coming out of each of the girls.  A lot of the girls weren’t very good at volleyball and it was so sweet to see how Sean’s heart was breaking as the blue team scored the match point to win.  Kristy and Leslie were, of course, crying but I thought the other girls on the red team handled themselves well.  The blue team got more time with Sean and they fully took advantage of each moment with the bachelor.

Des and Amanda do not get along and you can tell that Des thinks Amanda is very fake and she is not afraid to express that.  Lindsay and Sean got along really well and I think he likes her.  You can tell he genuinely wants to spend more time with her.  She’s growing on me but I still find her a little immature.

Poor Kacie B.!  I really love Kacie but boy did she bite herself in the booty Monday night!  Kacie decided to use the drama between Des and Amanda to her advantage but it worked in the opposite way for her.  Sean clearly wants to stay out of the drama, he is there to find his wife and that’s it.  He called Kacie crazy and you could tell that he was almost annoyed that she would bring up problems between the other girls in the house.

It’s true though -- Kacie should only be focusing on her relationship with him.  Sean gave Lindsey the group date rose and she was more than happy to accept.  Kacie was holding back tears and I did feel bad for her.  But she of all people should know you should stay out of the drama and just focus on building a relationship with Sean.

AshLee, the professional organizer, finally got some alone time with Sean.  She got the last one on one date of the night (they went to a theme park and Sean’s favorite band performed for them LIVE).  I was excited to see AshLee because we haven’t seen much of her so far.  Unfortunately, before her date, drama queen Tierra fell down the stairs which cut into her time with Sean.  Did Tierra plan this?  Absolutely!  I felt so bad for AshLee.  She was totally looking forward to some time with Sean and then it’s like the next thing you know Sean is by Tierra’s side making sure she is OK.  An ambulance even came but of course Tierra didn’t want to go to the hospital because nothing was wrong with her (maybe I am jumping to conclusions but come on it all sounds so unreal)! 

Finally after all of that, AshLee and Sean headed off to Six Flags.  But Sean had another surprise for AshLee -- two young girls would be joining them on their date!  But Briana and Emily were very special kids; they each had a chronic illness that limited them physically.  They were best friends that finally met and they were precious (I was balling because they were so happy to ride all of the rides and they said it was the BEST day of their lives).

It was such a genuine gesture on Sean’s part and every episode makes my heart melt because he is such a good guy!  I’m glad the date went well for AshLee and him.  I also thought it was very important for AshLee to open up about her past (being a foster child).  And to see Sean cry… OMG I’m crying right now writing this because he is a such a sensitive, caring person and he is just so gosh darn sweet.  I appreciate that about him and I do think that he is the best bachelor ever.

The cocktail party was definitely the most intense one of the season.  You could tell that Sean was getting a little frazzled by everything.  All of the girls were pulling him left and right.  These girls aren’t backing down and they are going to do whatever it takes to spend some time with Sean.  Tierra has definitely struck a nerve with most of the women in the house especially Des.  Poor Des had a mini breakdown but I think she’ll be OK.  She seems to have a level head so I hope she can just focus on Sean.

There was a total OMG moment  mid cocktail party.  Sean brought Sarah’s dog to the mansion just to let her know that he was thinking of her (Aww, seriously?!?!).  I broke down in tears once again because it was just the sweetest, most adorable gesture.  I think Sarah is great so I’m glad that Sean is doing little things to let her know that he likes her!

I’ve said this before, but I love that Sean makes his own rules and knows exactly what he wants.  I knew that Kacie B. wasn’t going to make it far, but I did not expect him to send her home this soon.  Sean sent her home right before the rose ceremony.  That was a big shock to everyone but I think it proved just how serious Sean is about finding someone.

Taryn and Kristy were sent packing and I felt so bad seeing both of them cry.  They maybe didn’t have the strongest feelings for Sean (it’s only been a few weeks) but they just wanted more time with him.

Well we’re down to 13!  Let the journey continue on!

It looks like Tierra is going to continue to make enemies in the house next week and the tension is going to rise as Sean builds connections with other girls and continues to work on his growing relationships.  Make sure to tune in next Monday for a brand new episode.  And please talk to me on Twitter and tag your tweets #bachelorhi during the show!



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