'The Bachelor' Week 4 Recap

Published On: Jan 29 2013 12:03:00 PM HST

Sean surprised me once again this week.  He made both Selma and Leslie H. feel so comfortable in their own skin and in his own way he let them know it’s OK to be who you are.

More importantly, Sean made them feel like they were the most important people in the world on their one-on-one dates.  It was a little harder for Sean to do that on the group date but he still managed to (hello, look how he helped out Sarah). Seriously, that is a sign of a great guy.  Every girl deserves to feel special and Sean always manages to do that.

We all know Selma is gorgeous with a capitol “G” but I’m sure we were all wondering the same thing… does she have anything else to her?

Her voice is irritating -- why does she talk like a baby?  But, she is stunning.  Selma was able to climb up the rock with Sean and seemed to really enjoy herself (that surprised me, I totally expected her to freak out, especially after she said she doesn't do heat).  I think Sean was impressed by her motivation and determination to make it up (I know I was). They had dinner in the middle of a desert at a "fake" trailer home park and it was adorable!  I think Sean does like her but I don't see a lot of chemistry.  There were too many awkward silences for me and I think Selma might be a little high maintenance for Sean.  Also, because of her Muslim background she can't kiss Sean on TV (if you can't kiss someone, how will you know if there's a spark or any chemistry?) and her mother does not approve of her being on the show.  Two red flags right there!  I don’t see Selma going much further, but Sean is very attracted to her so we will have to wait and see what happens.

The roller derby group date was a roller disaster. The eight women were falling everywhere, especially Robyn (FYI, I am the worst roller skater on the planet and they were better than me, yikes, that’s how bad I am) and Amanda even hurt her jaw and was rushed to the hospital (are you guys keeping a tally of how many times the paramedics come this season?).

Sarah had a hard time dealing with this group date because of her physical limitation.  I feel like she has been through so much in her life and each time she has to face a challenge like this, I’m sure it’s just so hard to fight through it.  Sean was so good with her though, just like he was when they freefalled.  He is such a gentleman and so caring and sweet.  He showed qualities of a true man and I loved that he was able to help her through it.  But the biggest surprise for me was how nice AshLee was to Sarah.  She really won me over!

Tierra and Robyn do not get along and unfortunately (well fortunately for us, I love the drama) at the night party on the group date the two hashed it out. Tierra ended up storming off and said she couldn't handle the other woman anymore.  She went running to Sean, for attention obviously, and that is just what she got.   She made Sean feel sorry for her (she is so manipulative) and Sean really likes her so he gave her the group date rose (come on Sean, you are smarter than this)!

Leslie H. got the date of every girl’s dream! She had an extravagant dinner at the Bradbury Building in L.A. with Sean and at dinner she got to wear a designer dress (uh why did she choose the ugliest ones?) and a $500,000 Neil Lane necklace (it was beyond stunning…wait I WANT that).  Sean and Leslie H. definitely did not have chemistry from the start.   I think Sean saw her as a friend and he even said he was waiting for those romantic sparks and they were just never there.  This was the first time that Sean spent one-on-one time with someone and then sent them home.  You could tell it threw Sean off a bit and he seemed emotional about his decision.  I did feel bad for Leslie H. but it just wasn't meant to be.

At the cocktail party, we finally saw Catherine and him have a moment (I really, really like her).   We also got to see him and Robyn share an intimate kiss (she's OK but I think she should go home soon).  Tierra attempted to apologize to Jackie and Robyn but I didn't buy it (I hope they didn't either).  She will do anything to make herself look better and especially to Sean.

Amanda, the "fit" model was eliminated at the rose ceremony.  Not a big surprise at all. I am glad she's going home (hello her faces are so scary).  I don't think she had good intentions of being there so bye bye!

Sean is down to eleven lucky ladies!  And next week, we are in for a special surprise... there will be two brand new episodes!  One on Monday at our regular time, 7-9 p.m., and another new episode on Tuesday at 8-10 p.m..  It's every Bachelor fan's dream! So don't miss it and please check kitv.com for all of your Bachelor updates!

XoXo~ Lauren


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