'The Bachelor' Week 5 Preview

Published On: Feb 03 2013 05:36:00 PM HST

As we get closer and closer to Sean finding “the one," the drama gets better and better.  On next week’s first new episode of two, YES that’s right I said that correctly, there will be TWO brand news episodes of "The Bachelor" next week (AH, holy excited).

Sean and his lovely ladies head off to Montana (I can hear birds chirping, can you?…doesn’t sound too exciting).   Sean will have his first one on one date with Lindsay, a group date relay race (hello, this totally brings back memories of Emily’s season when she had her men sail to her heart), and Sean has his first two on one date of the season!  And we all know the two on one date is the best, most intense date of the season!

Lindsay finally gets to show Sean a different side to her.  Ever since she came in a wedding gown on the first night, we have all seen Lindsay as this goofball.  But she is more than that, or so she says.  She has the chance to show Sean she is serious about finding love and she is serious about him.  Will Sean believe her enough to give her the rose?

Eight bachelorettes compete in a relay race filled with canoes, wood chopping and….goats?!?!  The ladies will once again be split into two teams and the winning team of course gets more time with the handsome bachelor.  Or will Sean bend the rules again and will the losing team actually get time with him as well?  Also, a surprise gal decides that she wants more time with Sean and shows up at the night party.  Who is it?  How will the girls react to this?  Will Sean be upset or flattered by this bold gesture?

Tierra and Jackie have the dreaded two on one date with Sean.  Jackie has made it obvious that she does not like Tierra (as well as the rest of the house) and she feels that Sean should know who Tierra really is.  But will this help Jackie OR will this hurt her (hello, exhibit A, Kacie B.)?  We all know Sean doesn’t like the drama AND he obviously is very protective over Tierra (hello, look what he did on the group date last week)!  So, who will stick around, will it be Jackie OR Tierra (yall know who I am rooting for)!

Unfortunately for Sean it looks like the drama, confusion and frustration will continue at the cocktail party.  Sean even begins to question whether or not he will find love here.  There will be a shocking elimination at the rose ceremony, who will be sent home?

The nine remaining women and Sean will travel to Colorado next.  Will Sean be able to move past all of this?  And how will these events affect Sean’s feelings for the remaining bachelorettes?  Make sure to tune in Tuesday night for another brand new episode of "The Bachelor."  Two nights in a row ladies and gentleman, I can hardly contain myself!  I know you guys are excited as me so please don’t forget to tweet me @laurenjwang and hashtag it with #bachelorhi!


Interview with Selma

I had the chance to talk to Selma today and talk about a bashing Tierra session 101 (LOVED IT).

Selma had a lot to say about the drama filled bachelorette and she went on in full detail about how hard it was to retrain herself from kissing Sean!

Selma comes from a Muslim background (her Mother is a practicing Muslim but she is not) and her family asked her for one request and that was to not kiss on the show. Selma wanted to respect her culture and her family’s simple request and she does not regret not kissing Sean. She doesn’t think that put her at a disadvantage at all and feels that you can fall in love without kissing.

Sean chose the not so glamorous date for her and Selma was OK with that. She liked that Sean took her out of her element and “tested” her. Selma said that when she was climbing up the rock she was in survival mode and really just wanted to make it up! She said she was definitely more scared than they showed but she really wanted to prove to Sean that she was more than just a glamour girl.

Selma got along with Ashlee the best (mostly because they were the oldest in the house). Selma said that most of the girls came to her for advice and she said that all of the girls got along (well except for Tierra, surprise, surprise). She did say that everyone, including herself has been portrayed pretty accurately so far (and yes, she did say Sean is PERFECT).

The bombshell bachelorette had a lot to say about Tierra. She was not surprised by any of Tierra’s actions and watching back she can’t even believe she dealt with all of the drama. Selma felt that Tierra does not know how to get along with others and she said Tierra was very good at “pretending” to get along with the other girls when Sean was around. She played her cards really well and she was able to switch her craziness “on” and “off”.

Selma said Sean didn’t see her “craziness” because he didn’t see her on a daily basis and she really did act so differently around him. She doesn’t blame Sean for being “manipulated” (let’s hope he sees the real Tierra soon).

Selma said that there are some amazing catches this season! She said the producers really chose a great bunch of girls for a great guy. Selma feels that Sean’s connections with all of the girls are totally believable because each girl brought so much to the table. When asked who should end up with Sean, she simply said, “ME…that’s my man.” So, what do you guys think? Are Sean and Selma a good match?

Next Monday and Tuesday are the most drama filled episodes of the season! Just remember you have been warned, when we say drama we mean DRAMA….so make sure not to miss them!



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