'The Bachelorette' Insider: After The Season Finale

Published On: Jul 24 2012 08:42:31 PM HST   Updated On: Jul 24 2012 09:21:12 PM HST
Lauren J. Wang

Lauren J. Wang

KITV4 would like to introduce you to our in-house expert on "The Bachelorette," Lauren Wang. During the day, she works in our sales department, but on the nights when "The Bachelorette" is airing, she is glued to the television set. She will keep you up-to-date with the show and give you some inside scoops on what is happening with the Bachelorette herself, Emily Maynard.

Interview with Jef & Emily; Arie - 7/24/2012

I am so happy I was able to talk to Emily and Jef this morning. They are really in love and so happy and I can tell they just want to move forward with their lives! I do hope they plan to have a televised wedding (they seem open to the idea). I would love to see that wedding (Emily and Jef both want something laid back and believe that having their families there is the most important)!

They are still learning so much about each other.  Emily said that Jef has some great friends and she didn’t know that about him before. She has been able to spend time with them and really enjoys them. Jef said Emily continues to amaze him by how good of a person she is and how great of a mother she is. She is so patient with everything.

Emily did have a chance to meet Jef’s mother at After the Rose. Emily said she is so sweet and amazing. She was able to spend a lot of time with her. She was also able to talk to Jef’s dad on the phone (she can’t wait to meet him) and Jef’s family loves Emily and they are so excited for the both of them. Emily did say that Jef will meet the Hendericks (her deceased fiancé's parents). She is very close to them and would like them to meet him.

Emily said she knew Jef was the one when she saw him with Ricki and Jef plans to move to Charlotte in August. They want to just live everyday together normally and he wants to join into Ricki’s schedule right away, she starts school in August. On their "secret meetings," Jef and Ricki have been able to spend quality time together and they have been fishing, playing soccer and catching frogs. Jef is going to to make the best stepdad ever.

Emily wanted to clarify that she did not get engaged to Jef because of his money. She said that her father has worked hard his whole life so that his kids would never have issues with money. She also said she has no interest in being a television host or having a broadcasting career.

Emily and Jef both talked about the journal situation with Arie. They both agreed that reading Arie’s journal wouldn’t have done any good even though they were both secure in their feelings for each other. They went into the "religion" issue a little bit (Jef’s family is Mormon, he is not). They talked about religion when the cameras weren’t rolling. Emily said religion is never talked about on The Bachelor or Bachelorette. It’s more light, fun stuff and it really is impossible to show every conversation from the show.

In one of their first conversations together, Emily talked about doing humanitarian work so she will finally get an opportunity to do it with her finance! Jef and Emily will be going to Africa with Jef’s company, People Water, building wells. Emily is so excited! She already bought a bunch of games and toys for the kids.

Jef said that he really wanted his proposal to be meaningful and special (um, Jef, it was perfect)! He knew in his heart what he wanted to say and he had all the confidence in the world in his feelings. I think that Emily and Jef are going to last and I know we wish them the best of luck! I love them!

Arie didn’t know that Emily was engaged when he flew to North Carolina to give her his journal, but if he knew that she was engaged to Jef he never would have done that.  He wasn’t offended in Emily’s decision not to read it. He said that obviously Emily and Jef are happy and he respects both of them so much.

He was completely caught off guard when Emily said that it wasn’t him. He was so confident in them. He appreciates the fact that Emily didn’t let him propose because a proposal is so emotional and that would have been more hurtful. Arie believes everything happens for a reason and the show has opened him up to love. He is looking forward, not backwards and he knows that there is someone out there for him.

He said that being friends with Jef actually made it easier to move forward. He was able to talk to Jef openly about the situation.

Arie didn’t watch the show in the beginning but as the season went on and people started talking to him more about the show, he started to watch. And he is glad he did, he said it was therapeutical for him and watching the episodes reminded him of what a great journey this was.

He hasn’t dated much because it only came out Monday that Emily and Jef are engaged. But he is open and ready to date! He said he is getting recognized a lot and everyone has been so sweet and kind. And he has gotten so much support.

Arie would be flattered if he would be asked to be the next bachelor but he would really have to think about it before he committed to it. What do you guys think? Should Arie be the next bachelor? Would you watch if he was? I hope Arie finds love because he is such a great guy! We hope to be seeing more of him in the near future!


Season Finale Recap - 7/23/2012

What a season it has been!  In my opinion, it was definitely the BEST Bachelorette ever!  Who did Emily choose and how did her journey end?  Read on to find out!

Emily’s mother, father, brother and sister-in-law came to Curacao to meet the remaining two bachelors.  Jef was up first.  He won every family member over with his sincerity and honesty.  Jef fit in with the Maynards so well.  I think all of them liked the confidence they saw in him when he spoke about his feelings for Emily.   Emily’s dad approved of Jef and gave him his blessing!

Arie had some big shoes to fill!   He was up next and seemed nervous.  He definitely had word vomit (as in, he kept talking to fill in awkward silences, haha).  He did make a good impression on the family and Emily’s father also gave Arie his blessing to propose.  Arie gave a very sweet gift to the family.  He had kept every rose Emily gave to him along their journey. They really appreciated the gift and I think that truly showed how much he cares and loves Emily.

Emily was obviously confused and wanted her family to tell her who they thought would be a better fit for her.  They liked both guys and said the decision is ultimately up to her.  Emily’s mother told her that she should hold off on any engagement because she was so unsure.  Emily left them more confused than ever, but she still had the last one-on-one dates with both of the guys.

Emily got to spend time with Jef first.  They are so perfect together, and when I look at them, they make you want to find someone too.   They have this way about them that is truly so special.  She had a lot on her mind but I think Jef was able to put her at ease.  She decided that she wanted Jef to meet Ricki.   He is going to make such a great stepfather.  Later that evening, he gave Emily a book of Curacao and drew little scribbles of them throughout the book (how sweet).  It’s the simple things that he does that would make anyone happy.  She was laughing so hard and you could tell in her smile that Jef was the one.  Even when they said goodbye, I think all of us knew he was it.

Before Arie’s date, Chris Harrison came by and Emily said that she couldn’t go through her date with Arie.  She said she knew Jef was the one.  Chris said you know what you have to do.   Emily was so emotional and she didn’t even know how she was going to start to tell Arie that he’s wasn’t going to be her fiancé.

Arie was so excited for their last one-on-one time together and was already talking about being engaged to her (oh no)!  As he was making love potion for her, Emily came up and you could see in her face that something wasn’t right.  She started crying and Arie knew right away.  He was pretty angry and she didn’t exactly express her feelings well.  He was blindsided and hurt. He didn’t want to be around her but he did let her walk him to his car (I’m sure that was the longest walk of Emily’s life).

Jef’s proposal to Emily was everything any woman would want.  He is so good at expressing his feelings and using his words.  He is an amazing guy and I think all of America is jealous of Emily!  I know you were all screaming when she took so long to answer, I know I was!
I am happy that Emily was able to give Arie more answers at the LIVE After the Rose. v I am still in shock that he flew to North Carolina to give her his journal. vAnd I am even more surprised that she didn’t read it! v I’m glad that Jef and Arie have such a good friendship and were able to talk to each other while all of this was going on.  That really does show the maturity of the both of them and how much they care for Emily.

Jef will be moving to North Carolina to be with Ricki and Emily and I think that is the best thing to do.  They will also be traveling to Africa to build wells there (are you kidding me)? We all need a Jef in our life ASAP!  I hope that Emily and Jef have a great, long future together.  This season was amazing and I cannot wait for the next one.  Thank you all so much for reading my recaps and previews!   Make sure to check out the new season of "The Bachelor Pad."

Also, I will be talking with Emily, Jef AND Arie tomorrow! Check KITV.com for the inside scoop!?



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