'The Bachelorette' Insider: Season Finale - Part 1 recap

Published On: Aug 01 2013 11:34:59 AM HST

"The Bachelorette" Season Finale - Part 1 Recap

I despise cliffhangers; well actually a better word is HATE! If you didn’t watch last night, boy did you miss out. I never expected anything that happened last night. Read on to find out about the biggest surprise in Bachelorette history.

Drew had the first one on one time with Des. I like Drew, I do (OK, I lie, I actually only like his looks). He is a nice, genuine guy BUT I almost feel like he is trying too hard and sorry, he is just SO BORING. We all know Des is attracted to him (hello they make out every five seconds) but I don’t know if they scream long term to me. And I think Des knows she has stronger feelings for the other two guys. Unfortunately, I don’t think Drew thinks that. On a side note, I also find him over the top cheesy. I think in the end, Drew is going to get his heart broken. Ladies and gentleman is he the next Sean Lowe?

Chris is awesome. I really like him and I can tell that Chris and Des have a solid relationship. There is an ease about them and things are just simple. They have fun together and seem really comfortable with one another. Chris’s poems are becoming a bit too much for me, but all in all still sweet. I think that Chris and Des have so much potential to become a great couple. I know how strong his feelings are for her, in his eyes, you can see he wants to spend a lifetime with Des. But can Des say the same?

I never saw the Brooks situation coming. Did any of you? I knew he was questioning his feelings for Des but I didn’t think that he would leave. It was painful watching him tell Des that he wasn’t in love with her. Des was so blindsided and she even told him that she was in love with him. Brooks looked hurt too but how could he not know how he felt especially at this point? If he had any doubts, he should have been open with Des about his feelings. Des even went as far as saying he was the one. I felt so bad for her and I know all of us were thinking what in the heck does she do now?

I honestly don’t think that she can marry Drew or Chris. How can she? We will have to wait until next Monday to see how it all unfolds in the second part of the season finale. Do you guys think that she should end up with Drew or Chris now that we know how she feels about Brooks? Do you think either of them can make her happy for the rest of her life?

And what about Brooks? Do you guys think that he is a “bad” guy? What will he have to say for himself and to Des?

Don’t forget to tune in for the LIVE After the Rose (right after the season finale)! I cannot wait to see what happens and I am hoping that Des does end up with a happy ending somehow!



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