'The Bachelorette' Insider: Season Finale - Part 2 recap

Published On: Aug 06 2013 01:40:31 PM HST

"The Bachelorette" Season Finale - Part 2 Recap

Last night, "The Bachelorette" finale took so many twists and turns, I don’t even know where to begin. I am still surprised by the outcome and who Des ended up with. That’s right folks; she did end up with someone. And after sitting at the edge of our seats last night for three hours, the bachelorette beauty ended up with the nice, consistent guy (drum roll please), CHRIS! I’ve liked him all along and I do hope they can last but I do have some concerns with this newly engaged couple!
I was surprised that Des decided to keep going after Brooks left.

From the last episode, it seemed like she had really fallen for him and that she knew he was the one (she was such a wreck and still was last night even when his name was brought up, YIKES). If I were here in her shoes, it would be hard to keep going. I don’t think Drew and Chris knew how strong her feelings were for Brooks, they both seemed confident in their relationship with her so I think that’s what kept each of them going.

Des had one on one time with Drew first. You could tell right off the bat that this date was just awkward and was going downhill fast. I think Des did the right thing by cutting the date early, especially after what happened with Brooks she really needed to get in touch with her feelings. I did feel bad for Drew. He admitted how much he cared about Des and then Des definitely blindsided him by saying that something was missing. I don’t think he saw that coming until she said “I need to talk to you” (everyone hates those words, we’ve all heard that before). I felt that Drew handled the situation with such class but I also think it didn’t sink in right away. Drew is a great guy but Des and him just didn’t have that spark. I do hope that Drew finds what he is looking for because he is so deserving of that.

I was nervous for Des’s date with Chris because of how things ended with both Brooks and Drew. But Chris is such a goofball and really is a good fit for Des. They look so good together and I love the interaction between the two. Things are easy and more importantly CONSISTENT with them. He thinks the world of her and I think she finally started to see how much he actually cared about her. Des also started to really feel how much potential the two of them have as a couple. I think Chris handled Des’s family really well and even Des’s brother gave his approval (PS I adore Des’s dad! What an awesome father!). I know that Chris is in this for the long run and I think everyone saw that in him. It just took Des a little longer to see it!
Chris’s proposal was so sweet and special. He always knows what to say and he is so good at expressing his feelings. I am so glad that Des told him about Brooks and her exact feelings for him. She explained herself and the situation well and I knew that Chris would understand. I think a lot of times we do look past what is right in front of us and we don’t realize what we have until it’s gone. Lucky for Des, Chris was willing to stick around. He was always there for her and he never lost sight of what they had.

The After the Rose was intense. I still think that Des has some feelings for Brooks and that does make me a little worried. But I think she is right, she had to go through that heart break to see what she had with Chris. You could see that Drew was obviously still a little hurt but it was good to see him so positive and I liked that he admitted he wasn’t still in love with Des. He is moving on and should be.

Des and Chris are so good together and I hope that they can last. They seem happy and in love and there is such strong emotional connection between the two of them. They really have a special bond and I don’t think Des could have asked for a more perfect ending! I know we are looking forward to the future between the two of them. They said they want to get married next summer, so we are holding them to it! What do you guys think? Do you think Des and Chris will last?

The new bachelor was announced last night as well! Twenty-five new ladies will be competing to be Juan Pablo’s new wife! Will you guys be tuning in? I know I will! I think that this is a great choice and I can’t wait for Juan Pablo’s journey to finding love!

Make sure to tune in for the brand new season of THE BACHELOR in January!



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