'The Bachelorette' Insider: Week 2 recap

Published On: Jun 04 2013 04:02:02 PM HST

"The Bachelorette" Week 2 Recap

Des chose Brooks as her first one-on-one date.  And I don’t think Des could have asked for a more perfect date.  The two had so much chemistry and it was like OK can we just stop the show right here, have Brooks get down on one knee and propose?  Yes, it went that well.

Des picked up Brooks in the traditional light blue Bentley that all of the bachelorettes drive and as soon as the two left the mansion, it was like fireworks should have just went off.  The couple started off the date by trying on tuxedos and bridal dresses (heavy huh?)…well not really, the two of them made it as playful as possible.  And they were very smiley and flirty the whole time.

Brooks had more of a personality than I thought though and not only is he extremely handsome but fun AND sensitive.  I like him a lot.  They continued their date dressed up and ate cupcakes while being spotted by fans and even went up to the Hollywood sign (that is on my bucket list) and shared a kiss.

Later in the evening they shared a romantic dinner and Brooks opened up to Des about his parent’s divorce.  They connected on a lot of levels and continued to dance the night away.  They even shared another kiss!  I can’t wait to see what is in store for these two.  So, did Brooks end up getting a rose?  OBVI!  What a cutie…his voice is a little high-pitched and he was wearing a ring BUT I still say FRONTRUNNER.

The group date was up next and I did not see this one coming at all…the men and Des were in a rap video with Soulja Boy!  What?  Yes, you heard me right.   OK, pause, yes, awkward silence AGAIN.  And believe me, it was painful.

Most of the guys had no rap skills (justified) and no dance skills (not justified).  Brandon was so irritating in his itty shorts and he is just so intense and obsessed with Des.  I just don’t understand how people get like that.  He is so the creepy “Kasey” of the season.  He also took about twenty takes for his lines.  Ben is definitely aggressive and I think Des is attracted to him.  Des was surprisingly an OK rapper and really had fun with it (she is one of the most down to earth bachelorettes ever).   If you want your laugh of the day, please go to abc.com to check out the music video.  THE RIGHT REASONS….you’ll get that after you see it!

Ben got the group date rose and I wasn’t surprised.  Even though Brandon spilled his guts out to her (I think it was just too much and Zak (no shirt guy) gave her a gift, he actually seems like a nice guy), she felt the strongest connection with Ben.  A lot of these guys are telling Des too much too soon.  I know you only have a short amount of time with her but OMG; she doesn’t need to know your life story in five minutes.  Mikey (SO Jersey) has a temper and really doesn’t like Ben and lets him know it.  He confronts Ben and it seemed like they were BFF by the end of their bro-time.  But that changed very quickly later on at the cocktail party.  But first, let’s get to Des’s second date.

Bryden was the lucky bachelor, to get the last one on one date of the week with Des.  Bryden is a sweet guy but boy is he boring.  Des and him took a romantic road trip up the coast of California.  And the date, in my opinion, wasn’t bad or good.  Just bleh.  They were kind of a snore to watch and I didn’t see a lot of chemistry or spark between the two.  Bryden has definitely been through a lot and he even opened up to Des about being in the military and mentioned that he was in a car accident that almost took his life.  I think Des appreciated Bryden opening up to her so she gave him the rose.  I don’t think she gave him the rose because of the connection she felt with him.  I think it was more because she admired and respected him for sharing so much with her.

They went back to Des’s house and of course ended up in the hot tub.  I felt so bad for Bryden because he is a shy guy and he didn’t know what to do.  Finally, after many awkward stares and one word conversations, she finally just told him to kiss her.   Unfortunately, I don’t think Bryden will be around for long. 

The cocktail party had more drama… with who else?  BEN.  He seems to be making new frenemies every minute.  Mikey G. was opening up to Des about being diabetic when Ben came and interrupted them.  Clearly, that’s irritating but hello, that’s the show.  Some of the bachelors take him aside and try to talk to him but nothing comes out of it…well other than a bunch of guys with too much testosterone just being angry.  I think the guys this season are catty and make Ben seem a little worse than he actually is (I said a LITTLE).  But I guess we will just have to wait and see if they are right about Ben.  Brian had some alone time (remember he is from Maryland, woo woo) with Des at the cocktail party as well and I am crossing my fingers that he gets the next one on one date with Des.

Des cut Nick (gross hair), Will (no rhythm dude) and Robert (why Des, WHY…he is oh so hot).  So the sixteen remaining bachelors will continue on and it looks like next week one of these remaining guys still has a girlfriend.  Who do you think it is?

Make sure to tune in next Monday to find out!  Also, don’t forget to check kitv.com for all of your latest Bachelorette gossip!  Until next week.



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