'The Bachelorette' Insider: Week 3 recap

Published On: Jun 11 2013 11:03:21 AM HST   Updated On: Jun 11 2013 11:40:57 AM HST

"The Bachelorette" Week 3 Recap

Tears, a broken finger, fake fighting, girlfriends making surprise visits and dates gone wrong were at the top of the list of last night’s drama filled episode.  So, yes, last night, was the best episode of the season so far! 

The dodge ball game was super intense.   The guys were so into it and surprisingly Chris was really good.  He was the last one standing for the red team all three rounds!  Unfortunately though, the blue team ended up winning but luckily for the red team, both teams got to spend the evening with Des.  Brooks even broke his finger during the game (I’ve broken my pinky before so I know how painful that can be) but he pushed through it and made an appearance at the after party (he is just so sweet and Des and him definitely have the best connection so far). 

Des and Chris finally had a “moment” together.  She gave him the rose and they danced to a private concert together (I’m not surprised at all.  Chris is extremely good looking and seems like an all-around nice guy.  I’m betting that he makes it to hometowns).  She also had some one on one time with Ben; I still am on the fence about him.  He rubs the guys the wrong way and that to me is a red flag but she seems to really like him, so I guess we will have to wait to see how genuine he is.  Brandon is just too much.  I feel bad for the guy because he seriously spills his guts out, Game of Thrones style, and it’s just too much.  You look at him and automatically think ISSUES.   Poor guy!

I think The Bachelorette needs a new host ASAP.  Does anyone else agree?  Sorry, I am getting off topic, but I think we need a woman host for The Bachelorette and keep Chris as the host for The Bachelor.  Anyway, Chris Harrison informed Des last night that one of the bachelors actually has a girlfriend at home.  And who was it?  BRIAN!  Stephanie aka the GF (she came off a little crazy and literally wouldn’t shut up) got her five minutes of fame by confronting both him and Des.  Des didn’t seem too upset but I think it was because she hasn’t invested a lot of feelings into Brian yet.  To be honest Chris Harrison seemed more upset about the situation than either Des or Brian.  Brian didn’t seem too shameful about his actions (uh, thanks Brian, way to represent Maryland.  I swear we have good guys there).  But Des made the right decision and sent him home right away!  One down…two to go this episode.

Poor Kacey had to go on a date with Des right after all of this.  And let’s just say the date had a weird vibe throughout.  But I think Kacey is a little feminine (his voice is too high pitched)  and thank gawd he didn’t use any hash tags throughout the day!  Their date was cool (who dances on the side of a building on a first date, love it) and I think they would have had more fun together if the whole Brian situation didn’t happen.  Dinner didn’t go much better.  A windstorm came through and things were blowing all over the place and it was very distracting.  Kacey ended up getting the rose but I don’t think it was because of the connection the two had.  I think it was more because Des felt bad that she was in a strange mood and that nothing was going right on their date.  Sorry Kacey, I think you’re going home next, hast tag that!

On the next group-ish date, five of the bachelors had to perform stunts to snag some alone time with Des.  All of the guys actually had a lot of fun with this and were pretty good actors. Juan Pablo scored some one on one time with Des too, but I think that their relationship is purely physically.  He is a fun guy but I do not see long term with him at all!  James stood out a lot this date and even got the rose from Des (he opened up to Des, but to me, seemed a little corny and like he was trying to hard).   And this seems like the on-going trend with these guys…they are seriously very emotional and are all very comfortable with Des.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that’s a bad thing but sometimes spilling too much too soon can be (case in point, Brandon).  And honestly you come off a little unstable and I hate to say it but CRAZY.

Des decided not to have a cocktail party and instead had a pool party.  The men are starting to hate Ben more and more but like I’ve said before, they seem to be making the issue a bigger deal than it needs to be.  He is very aggressive and wants more alone time with Des.  Whether right or wrong, he is going to do everything possible to get more time with her and all of the other men can do this as well.  But I do see how it is a little unfair that he is breaking some rules and then lying about it.  I don’t that Des will end up with someone like Ben but some of the men that keep bringing this up may get kicked in the booty because they are focusing on Ben too much.  Brandon had another “koo-koo” one on one time with Des.  He is an emotional wreck and I am sorry but he really needs to hold it together and figure things out for himself before he gets into a relationship.  Sorry Brandon, you need to sort out your baggage!

I wasn’t surprised that Des sent Dan and Brandon home.  I think she made the right decisions at the rose ceremony and I’m glad that she apologized to Brandon (seriously the dude was having a nervous breakdown) but I don’t think that he was going to understand where she was coming from no matter what.  And for him to say he was in love with Des…come on Brandon!  You barely know her!  Wait and did you really say you have no tears left…one word-YIKES!  Good luck buddy!

This season is flying by, we are down to 13.  Who will get more time with Des next week and who will Des continue to build stronger relationships with?

Tune in next Monday night for Bachelorette Mondays at 7 p.m. right here on KITV!  And don’t forget to talk to me throughout the show @laurenjwang and hash tag it with #bachelorettehi!  XoXo~Lauren



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