'The Bachelorette' Insider: Week 4 recap

Published On: Jun 14 2013 01:21:49 PM HST   Updated On: Jun 18 2013 11:25:17 AM HST

"The Bachelorette" Episode 4 Recap

Well, I think we all had the tissues out during last night’s episode of The Bachelorette.  Manny and Jan might be everyone’s new fave couple AKA COY (Couple of the Year).  I instantly fell in love with both of them and I hope that everyone plans to donate a little something to the Red Cross (Hurricane Sandy) after last night. 

Des and Brad’s date was a little awkward and I am putting that nicely.  He is a great guy, he seems super sweet but boy is he a snore fest.  They had ZERO conversation and no spark.  I mean Des is fun but she’s not like super, super fun so combine her with a boring guy and you get the most boring date in Bachelorette history.  Maybe that’s being harsh but if y'all were watching last night, I’m sure you were cringing like me!  At certain moments, especially at dinner, I held the pillow in front of my face and just yelled at the TV, “Brad, say something, ANYTHING.”  I think Des made the right decision to not give him the rose.  For a second I thought she might be nice and just give it to him (the story of the season) but she needs to narrow these guys down and really dig deep and find out exactly what she wants from each of them.

The Mr. Bachelorette was hilarious.  The guys had a lot of fun with the beauty competition and we are really starting to see each of their personalities come out (um, and ABS).  Did you all catch a glimpse of Drew’s body?  One word-speechless.  Brooks has a good sense of humor and Kacey (hash tag guy rocked it in the talent portion), Zak is a good guitar player slash good singer surprisingly, Mikey is way too over confident and a little cross eyed and Chris can rock it in heels!  Kacey ended up winning the crown and it was very well deserved.

Later that night a lot of the guys got some quality one on one time with Des.  Chris, in particular, shared a moment with Des.  I like him more and more and I think Des does too.  He is just super sweet and down to earth (and so cute obviously).  Ben is still everyone’s main target and I don’t think that he needs to be.  Like, OMG, get over it people! We are starting to see more and more of Zak W. and he’s just OK to me.  He doesn’t stand out but I think Des is really starting to feel a connection with him and that’s why he got the group date rose.  I was a little surprised that she decided to give it to him BUT he can play the guitar and he can sing so I guess it’s justified why he got the rose (a guy who can play the guitar is just plain sexy and all that more appealing).

James is a meathead but he does in some ways seem like a softy.  I was excited to see what his personality was like and to see if Des and him had an actual connection.  Their date was very sentimental and we really got to see the damage of Hurricane Sandy (so sad and touching).  I think for Des and James this was something that each of them will never forget.  They also got to meet a couple that lost everything from the storm.  Manny and Jan were so humble and sweet and I loved that they were still so in love with one another and still optimistic about life.  Their house was completely destroyed and it was devastating to see. 

Des and James decided to give Manny and Jan their date (a private dinner and concert).  Manny and Jan were extremely thankful and you could feel how happy it made them!  James admitted to Des that he cheated on his college girlfriend and that definitely made Des upset and put a little bit of a damper on their date.  But I think she appreciated his honesty and she does feel a bond with James.  I am glad that she gave him the rose but I do believe that if you’ve cheated before, you may again.  So Des needs to be careful with this one!

Michael G. stood out at the cocktail party.  He spelled Des’s name out and gave a description about her using each letter (how sweet is that).  I was impressed by that but he is still a drama king and instigates problems.  Bryden is way too intense for Des and in my opinion if he has any doubts about her feelings or his feelings, then he should leave.  I kind of liked him in the beginning but now I’m not so sure.  So on that note, I don’t think that he will be lasting very long.

Des ended up sending Zach home at the rose ceremony, which was clearly the right choice.  But quick question-what is up with the guys this season and having emotional breakdowns?  Like, hold it together!  Poor Zach did shed some tears, not as much as Crazy Brandon, but he still had a “limo” moment.  Poor guy, we wish you the best Zach!

We are down to NINE studs!  And the next stop in this journey is Munich.  Make sure to tune in next Monday night for a brand new episode of The Bachelorette!  Who will Des grow closer to in Europe and who will she send packing?  Can’t wait for next week!



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