'The Bachelorette' Insider: Week 5 recap

Published On: Jun 25 2013 10:47:09 AM HST   Updated On: Jun 25 2013 10:58:41 AM HST

"The Bachelorette" Week 5 Recap

Well guys, this was the episode that turned this season from good to GREAT. I hope that all of you watched how everything unfolded but if you didn’t, read on to find out who Des sent home and all of the drama that happened during the best episode of the season!

Des and Chris continued to have very strong chemistry and I like where their relationship is going. Chris is such a sweet guy and he kind of reminds me of Chris Lambton from Ali’s season (BTW I was obsessed with him, hence why I am sorta obsessed with this season’s Chris). They have a lot of fun together and he is just a big goofy, dork! I like that he is open with his feelings with her and he screams genuine. I don’t know if they have long-term potential just because I see him being a pushover and I think Des needs a guy with more fire…but I do feel that besides Brooks and her, they have one of the strongest relationships in the house.
Bryden surprised us all by ruining Chris and Des’s date.

I didn’t expect this but I told you last week, this guy is way too intense. Mr.Bryden decided to go home and to tell Des on her date (Why? Who knows?). To me, it was lame. I mean, seriously, why did you go all the way to Europe to tell her this? If you felt that something wasn’t there or right, you should have gone home last week. I felt really bad for Des because it is a slap in the face and sort of a reality check that maybe there are guys in the house that you are going to develop feelings for and you know what, they may not feel the same way.

I think that Bryden wanted five more minutes of fame and I don’t think that he handled the situation very well. I think that he is immature and I am glad that Des was able to forget about it as much as she could and concentrate on her date with Chris. I am so happy that she gave Chris the rose and I am even more excited to see how their relationship will grow throughout the season.

The group date was SO much fun! The guys and Des had a blast, riding the gondola and sledding down HUGE hills. She has such a solid connection with Brooks and you can tell that they both are developing strong feelings for one another. I think she is really into James as well but I don’t know how I feel about him. He reminds me too much of all of the guys from my college (typical Jersey frat dude). And I still don’t like the fact that he cheated on one of his ex-girlfriends. I was surprised that Brooks was so jealous of her relationship with James but I guess that is only a natural feeling, but he has to know that Des adores him…I mean hello, he got the group date rose! Zak stood out to me on the group date as well. He is hilarious and just makes Des smile. I like that he isn’t afraid to be himself! I am Team Zak (ps she said that he was the best kisser out all of them)!

The two on one date was officially the most intense, awkward two on one date in Bachelorette history. I felt extremely bad for Des because she was put in such a weird position…you know basically being in between two guys that hate each other. I don’t think that either guy really handled themselves with much class. Michael really pushed Ben’s buttons and I am glad he did because I don’t think Ben is genuine but I think that he was a little too aggressive with some of his comments. Des shocked America by sending Ben home. I really thought that she was going to send Michael home. And to be honest, she should have just sent them both home. Ben showed his true colors in the limo ride with his jerk comments (he even asked when is the soonest he could be seen with someone else). Seriously Ben? Well, I am glad she gave him the boot but it looks like Ben Jr. (aka James) is bad boy #2 of the season!

I liked that Des knew going into the cocktail party who she wanted to vote off. She really is developing strong connections with these men and she knows exactly what she is looking for and who she has a connection with. I am very curious as to what Drew and Kacey heard James say (supposedly he said that if he makes it to the final four he is a shoe-in for the next Bachelor. Also, he was overheard telling Michael, BLEH, I don’t like him either, saying that they can run Chicago together and take girls out on his boat). Wait, what, do guys really talk like that? Losers! I am a little skeptical of James and Michael but I can tell that Des really likes both of them. I wish that Drew and Kacey could have told Des what they heard so that Des could confront James and Michael about it (Until next week)!

Des sent Mikey home and I think out of the remaining guys she did have the least amount of spark with him! Sorry Mikey! We all wish you well and seriously good luck on the casting call for Jersey Shore Part II!

Des and her eight remaining men are headed to Barcelona! I am so excited for this next episode because I was just there and it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. How will Des react to the new information that she is given about James and Michael? Will this affect her view on all of the other men? Who will she fall more in love with and who will she send home?

Tune in next Monday night for a brand new episode! And like I said earlier, this week was the turning point of this season so don’t miss any episodes here on out! Check me out on Twitter @laurenjwang and at #bachelorettehi.



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