'The Bachelorette' Insider: Week 6 recap

Published On: Jul 02 2013 10:59:46 AM HST   Updated On: Jul 02 2013 11:06:10 AM HST

"The Bachelorette" Week 6 Recap

Well if any of you guys believed James even for a second last night then I don’t think that you and I would get along very well! I am so glad that Des decided to send him home.

I think the guys made his comments a little bit more of an issue than it needed to be BUT the bottom line is that Des would have found out eventually who James really is. We got to know Drew and Zak a lot more this episode and I am a big fan of both of them (although Drew lost a few points with me by bringing up James at the end of his date). And boy did Zak surprise me! He is so funny and really puts the biggest smile on Des’s face! Did you guys think Des had a better connection with Drew or Zak?

I am so glad that we got to see more of Drew last night. He is such a good looking guy and you can tell that Des feels super comfortable around him already. I liked that Drew opened up to Des about his dad but I wasn’t sure if that was too much to share with her so early on. It says a lot about Drew’s character what he went through with his dad and I liked Drew even more after hearing him open up to Des about his father’s illnesses. You could tell that Des really felt for him and was so appreciative of Drew’s honesty. I loved that Drew took her away and made out with her down an alley! How romantic is that and he really just took charge. That was a very passionate and intense moment and I don’t think anyone especially Des expected that out of Drew.

I was irritated though that Drew would ruin the mood the date and bring up James to her. Like, come on Drew, you just shared an awesome moment with her! Why would you do that? But at least he got the rose and from the looks of it, it looks like Drew goes far and even rejects Des? We will have to wait and see how everything plays out!

The group date was hilarious! I loved how the guys were so confident in the beginning of the futbol game. They thought that they were going to beat the girls easily and boy were they wrong! Juan Pablo was in his element obviously and you couldn’t help but just stare at him! Holy hotness! And James was so unattractive as a goalie! He should stay away from any sort of field, period, end of story.

The after party was an intense one. I think that Michael, Kacey and Chris could have approached James a different way. In my eyes it made the situation worse and I think that if they were to just talk it out with him instead of attacking him it would have made him think more. His statements were obviously wrong and he knows that he said some things he shouldn’t have (hello, he was sweating bullets and had way too many pauses) but he was fueled by anger which caused him to become defensive. And I think that made him want to stay in the game even more, instead of genuinely feeling bad about what he said. I honestly think that in the end, Des wasn’t going to end up with James so making such a big deal about his comments was just unnecessary.

Des is definitely gullible and you could tell James had no idea how to defend himself or what he was saying. He kept saying this is hard for him too and it was like broken record after a while for me. I was a little disappointed that Des didn’t just send him home right then and there. She has too many good guys left. For me, if you hear anything bad or negative about someone in this type of situation it is most likely true. Don’t waste your time on them! Was anyone else surprised that Des wrote that poem for Chris? I know I was! You can tell who Des is really starting to have feelings for and it looks like Chris is definitely one of them.

I really adore Zak. I never thought I would say that. I don’t find him attractive but his personality is AMAZING! He is so funny and light hearted and he is able to put Des in the best mood. They have a good foundation, a good base, and I can see how he is long term material. I was so happy that he was able to help Des forget about all of the James drama and just have a good time with him. She already said that he is a good kisser and I think after this date, I see so much potential in them. I can’t wait to see if she will go to his hometown!

I was sort of irritated that Des had to talk James again, especially because she said her decision was made and she was going to send him home. And then James changed her mind. Like come on Des, stick to your guts and that’s that. But I didn’t like how the guys handle the situation either and it was a turn off for me because I felt like they were immature about the situation. This far along they should just focus on Des and eventually the truth will come out. PS Michael is SO irritating and I can’t stand him at all. Anyone else agree with me?

I think that Des made the right decision sending Kacey and James home but I think that she should have sent Michael home instead of Juan Pablo! I felt so bad for Juan Pablo at his exit interview. He is a sincere guy and super attractive! And did I miss something? When did he mention he was a father? Next bachelor maybe?

Well we are down to FIVE. Who will Des send home next week? And who will make the cut to the hometown dates?

Also, I hope you guys watched until the very end because the promo that ABC showed was insane! Does Des even end up with someone? If so, who will it be and will they want to spend their life with her as well?

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