'The Bachelorette' Insider: Week 7 recap

Published On: Jul 09 2013 09:48:00 AM HST

"The Bachelorette" Week 7 Recap

Well Des has picked her final four and she will be meeting all of their families next week! After last night, I think she does have the strongest feelings for Brooks but she is developing strong feelings for Drew and Chris as well.

Who else was excited to see Catherine, Jackie and Lesley? I am so glad that Des had some girl time. It looked like she really needed that. I loved watching them check out the guys in binoculars. And I liked how Des talked about each of the guys. You could tell she was just glowing and SO happy! We are rooting for you Des!

Brooks and Des had a picture perfect date. They were sitting in the clouds literally (it was the coolest date ever). They are very comfortable with each other and thing are easy between them. He seems very grounded and I find him so handsome. I like that both of them can just be themselves around one another. When you are watching them it looks like they have been together for a long time. I am a little nervous that she has such strong feelings for him and he seems a little hesitant about his. I hope that she doesn’t end up getting hurt by him in the end. I don’t think that Brooks would deliberately try to hurt her but if he isn’t on the same page as her (she even said she is “running” in her analogy and he said he was “jogging”) then it is going to lead to problems. I am excited to see how she fits in with his family though. From the promo though it looks like they are tons of fun! Team Brooks!

Chris is such a genuine, nice guy. They have a very strong connection but I think that he may be a little too shy for her. I think Des is a very strong woman and she needs someone to have more of a back bone. It was so sweet hearing them share that poem together and my heart melted when Chris told her that he loves her. Chris reminds me so much of Chris Lambton and I know I keep saying that. But I swear they are like twins. Both are good looking, all around good guys. You can tell that he has a big heart and he is really honest and just serious about this whole process. He was so scared to tell her how he felt; I mean the guy was seriously sweating. But I think Des appreciated him being open with her and letting his guard down. I just hope she doesn’t break his heart.

Michael finally had his first one-on-one date of the season. I can’t help but be a little harsh about him (sorry, you have to read me vent). But I don’t see the attraction or the connection between him and Des. I find him annoying and a know it all. I just don’t like him. Their date was pretty standard and to me the whole date screamed friends. He was trying so hard throughout the date and it was too fake! I really don’t understand how he has stuck around for so long but I am glad that she isn’t going to his hometown! I think all of America knew at the end of the date that he was the one that was going to be sent home.

The two-on-one date was a lot of fun. I like both Zak and Drew so I was curious to see who she would choose to give the rose to. Now the rose was extremely important at this particular date because whoever received the rose was a shoe-in for a hometown date. Zak is so funny! I just love his personality and he just gives off such positive energy. I like that he can make Des laugh ALL the time. He is growing on me more and more. Drew is clearly very good looking but he is a little boring. I think he is a nice guy as well but I’m not sure how much spark they have. I think Des likes how good looking he is and that he is a sensitive guy. I’m surprised how hard he fell for her and that he was so open about sharing that with her. I was also a little surprised she gave the rose to him because I’m not sure I see a spark like she has with Brooks or Chris. I guess we will have to wait and see if she ends up with him. I would say if he doesn’t win, he may be the next bachelor. BUT is he too goody-goody? What do you guys think?

The rose ceremony wasn’t as intense as the others (I loved her dress though, I WANT) because I think we all knew that Michael was going home. I felt bad for him at the end. I can’t believe he called his mother right away and broke down in tears. But I mean bottom line is Des didn’t see a future with him. I wish Michael all the best even though I wasn’t a huge fan. How many times do you think Jimmy Kimmel and The Soup are going to make fun of that limo ride? Yikes, poor guy!

Hometown dates are up next! I am already counting down the minutes to them! I cannot wait to see how Des fits in with each of the guy’s families. Who will she see a future with? And how much will each of their families impact her decision? Make sure to watch next Monday for the BEST, most anticipated episode of the season.

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