'The Bachelorette' Insider: Week 8 recap

Published On: Jul 16 2013 11:34:19 AM HST

"The Bachelorette" Week 8 Recap

Well last night was a first for me! I cried during ALL four of the hometown dates. Zak, Drew, Chris and Brooks all have so much to offer and I really like each of them for different reasons. I think Des made the best decision for her last night and I can’t wait to see who she falls more in love with in two weeks!

Zak is awesome. He has such a big heart and you can tell that he is SO full of life. He gives off so much positive energy and I love that he owns a shaved ice truck! How FUN! Des has such a good time with Zak and when she is around him she is constantly smiling. I think Zak brings out the best in her and Zak’s family was AMAZING. They were the sweetest people. They instantly liked Des and everyone just connected. I loved that Zak and his siblings sang to Des (it was so special, I was totally tearing). I was very surprised to see that Zak gave Des a promise ring! She seemed a little overwhelmed and surprised. I’m not sure if she should have taken it if she wasn’t sure how she was feelings about him (yikes, leading him on much). In my opinion, he has the best personality of them all!

I didn’t realize how deep Drew’s feelings were for Des until last night. He really cares about her and he can absolutely see a future with her. I loved Melissa (his sister). She was so adorable and I was crying so hard when Drew’s father called her an angel. Des and Drew’s father definitely shared a moment. I really liked how comfortable Des was with all of Drew’s family members. I can see a future with Des and Drew. I just can’t figure out if she can.

Chris and Des have a great connection! When they were playing baseball together, you could tell that Chris brings out Des’s goofy side. They are both so athletic and look great together! Chris’s father was a little odd and his mother was a little overprotective. But I think both of them saw how happy Des made him. I don’t know how well I see Des fitting in with Chris’s family but she has strong feelings for him. She drew stuff in her sketch book and it was such a sweet, kind gesture. Basically she outlined everything from the first time they hung out until now. Chris is definitely head over heels for Des. I just hope Des doesn’t break his heart.

Des said that she loved Brooks and I swear that’s like against The Bachelorette rules or something! You can tell that she is 100% into him. His family was huge. He has ten siblings! But I was surprised to see that they were asking him the hard questions not her. I think Brooks clearly has feelings for Des but I don’t think they are as strong as hers or as the other guys. I really liked Brook’s family and I loved that they all wore name tags! Super cute! I hope that Brooks lets Des know how he feels and opens up to her because I really feel like she is just waiting around for him. She might end up getting her heart broken by him.

Des and her brother aren’t very close so I’m not quite sure why Des needed to talk to him. He still doesn’t seem supportive or understanding of her situation. I am glad that Des didn’t have him meet the guys. He will have to meet the final two and I think that will be more than enough. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he behaves himself!

I wasn’t surprise that she sent Zak home but I know he was and that broke my heart. What do you guys think? Should Zak have been sent home? Do you think he should have thrown the promise ring out the window? Maybe Zak can be the next Bachelor! Would you guys watch?

Next Monday night is the Men Tell All. We get to see James, Ben and Mikey…the bad boys of the season. Also, we get to see how Zak is doing! AND of course we will get a sneak peak at the final three and the overnight dates!

Make sure to check kitv.com this Friday for a full preview!



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