Published On: Dec 13 2012 10:21:27 PM HST
KAILUA, Hawaii -

There's a residential reek that has some people in Kailua's Enchanted Lake calling for cleanup. They said the smell of rotten eggs is there 24/7.

A stream near their homes is not flowing well. Residents said the city caused the stream to backup, which resulted in the stench.

"We've all been sick, we've all had headaches, and vomiting, even my pets are sick, and to me the smell has been a health hazard," said neighbor Vicki Mason.

Doors and windows are locked up tight.

"It's been like stagnant water, rotten egg smell," said Mason.

The smell, they say, is coming from the stuck debris and mud.

"It was two-feet thick of muck and rotting vegetation, and rubbish, and garbage, at least 100 coconuts, but nothing was moving -- it was all stagnant, standing still," said Mason.

The stream flows into Enchanted Lake. The city said crews were clearing out the stream to avoid a flood hazard.

However, residents said the city and county's effort to clean up the stream caused part of it to clog. Neighbors used to see ten Morehen birds a day. Now, if they are lucky, two will navigate their way through the sludge.

"We haven't seen the animals, they aren't around. We have turtles in the water that we care for --  they are not around. We don't know what's happening," said neighbor Kari Cross.

Thursday is the first day city crews are out clearing the debris. It's been two weeks of the horrible smell.

"We've been calling them, and calling them, and calling them, I think at one point someone called the fire department," said Cross.

Cross said she'll keep going out, stink and all,  just to check on the progress of the backed-up stream.

"We've been getting headaches and it's hard to eat. I mean, you don't ever get used to this smell," said Cross.

The city said crews will be clearing out debris until the odor problem is fixed.


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