Agent's friend says: "I was very afraid of how this was escalating"

Published On: Jul 22 2013 06:11:00 PM HST

Adam Gutowski admits what happened in the early-morning hours of Nov. 5, 2011 is something of a blur.

But he told a jury on Monday he remembers feeling fear when a confrontation at a Waikiki McDonald's took a dangerous turn.

After a week of texting, the night had arrived.

Adam Gutowski, Christopher Deedy's college roommate and frat brother, met his old friend at King's Pub in Waikiki for what would be the first of several stops on the night of Nov. 4, 2011.

"There wasn't really craziness going on. I want to make that clear," Gutowski began.

Gutowski said he wanted to show Deedy around town.

He, his girlfriend Jessica West, and Deedy headed to Chinatown for food and drinks.

Then, they caught a cab to Moose Mcgillycuddy's in Waikiki around midnight.

That's when Gutowski says he realized Deedy had a gun.

"I knew he was a federal agent and very controlled at that point, so I didn't think much about it," he said.

He said by the time they'd reached Coconut Willy's on Lewers Street, he'd seen Deedy buy five beers, but admitting he himself, had more to drink that night.

"That was probably the most intoxicated part of the night," said Gutowski.

An hour later, Gutowski, in a gray cap and black shirt, appears on surveillance video at the Waikiki McDonald's.

He was almost immediately followed by Deedy, then minutes later, 23-year-old Kollin Elderts and Shane Medeiros appear.

Right as the two groups start to clash, Gutowski said his memory starts to blur.

"What was said before the guy in plaid shirt got up?" asked deputy prosecutor Janice Futa.

"I don't recall. At this point, I don't really know who said what," said Gutowski.

He said he can't remember Deedy's words, but thought Elderts said:

"Oh you have a gun, or, you're not the only one with a gun," he said.

"Does it appear to you that the wound is consistent with being hit by some blunt object?" defense attorney Brook Hart asked Dr. Kyle Perry in court on Thursday.

"Yes," said Perry.

Doctors at the Queen's Medical Center documented bruises, scrapes, and for Gutowski, a cut to the head.

"I don't remember much of anything except getting hit in the head pretty hard," said Gutowski in court on Monday.

"That all happened extremely quickly," he said.

In the surveillance video, it's unclear if he initially pushes Elderts, or if it was the other way around.

Gutowski said he can't remember if Deedy ever identified himself as law enforcement.

He also said he didn't seek further medical treatment for his injuries, because he said he didn't believe his insurance would cover it.


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