Hunting dogs maul family cat to death

Published On: Jul 22 2012 04:47:00 PM HST

Stacey Fujii lashed out today with a message for the hunters whose dogs killed her family’s cat.

"Take responsibility. I have no problem with you killing pigs, but be responsible for your weapons that you have which are your dogs," Fujii said.

Neighbors said the attack happened around 8 am Saturday.
Two hunting dogs strayed into the front yard of a home across from Kuliouou park and mauled Fujii's cat to death.
Fujii said when the hunters spotted their dogs, they gathered them up and took off.

"All they saw was the blood on their dogs. They got them in the car and dug out. They didn’t know if a kid had been killed. They didn’t care. That's what really makes me angry," Fujii said.

The cat, who they call "Sweetie," had been sleeping under a car in the neigbor's yard. The family is heartbroken and horrified.

"It was traumatic, so violent. His whole face was taken off. They took his eye. They bit his butt. He had no chance at all. They kept going, and going, and did not stop," said Fujii.

Fujii said the park is used by families with young children who might never think that they would encounter hunting dogs so far down in the residential area.
The park is a half a mile from the Kuliouou Valley trail head.

The area is a designated hunting area and even today hikers said they saw dogs up on the trail.

One large hiking group said they did not see any hunters around and the dogs did not give them trouble.

But others worry about the chance encounters with dogs on the trail.

"You have to stand your ground, but at the same time you don’t know if they are going to attack .They are bred to kill. They are animals. And a lot of people bring their pet dogs here too," said Gary Kitahara.

But this time it was in a residential park where the threat was real and deadly; not far enough away for the Fujii's pet and the family wants everyone to know what happened.

The Hawaiian Humane Society is investigating the case.

It is asking anyone who may have taken the license plate of an older model grey Toyota truck with hunting cage in the valley Saturday morning to call the information into their hotline at 356-2250.

On Tuesday, the Honolulu City Council will address the issue of  loose hunting dogs.

Councilmember Ann Kobayashi has introduced a resolution calling for stricter enforcement of regulations on pig hunters.

The measure askes the Department of Land and  Natural Resources for improved enforcement in light of the recent attacks on livestock and domestic pets.

"It could have been a lot worse. and we dont want it to be. That is frightening that it happened near a park where children could have been hurt and a real disaster could have occured," said Kobayashi.



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