Mysterious animal attacks leave residents concerned

Published On: Dec 19 2012 05:59:20 AM HST
WADDY, Ky. -

Something is viciously attacking livestock in Shelby County.

For the past two weeks, there have been a number of reports of goats, and even bulls, being mauled in the small community of Waddy.

A meeting was held Monday night to discuss the attacks.

The animals were penned up in the backyards of homes.

The attacks have people who live there concerned, not only for safety of their animals, but for their own.

"It don't seem to mind coming up and getting whatever it wants," said Kevin Cox, whose animals were attacked.

It's a mystery making its way along Ditto Road, leaving its mark on many of the animals around.

On Nov. 29, Cox's bulls became its first victims.

"Went out the next morning to feed my calves and I noticed one of the Holstein bulls had blood on it," said Cox.

Something had shredded the ears on three of Cox's bulls, and just one week later, it's believed that something struck the area again.

"I came out and it had gotten my goat. It tore the ear off the goat, messed her other ear up and her mouth," said Cox.

Then, not long after, there was another attack off that same stretch of road.

"They were torn to pieces," said Teresa Parker, whose animals were attacked.

Something attacked all five of Parker's pet goats so badly, she had to put them down.

"Their faces were gone from their eyes down, their ears had been ripped off," said Parker.

The incidents are just a couple of the half dozen reported by people who say they've heard something, been chased by something or seen evidence that's something has viciously struck.

Concerns about all of it brought more than 100 community members out to a community meeting Monday night.

No one knows exactly what it is, but investigators told the crowd they have a pretty good idea.

"Pretty much everybody's on the same page that it's going to be a domestic dog or dogs," said Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Sgt. Doug Detherage.

Detherage said that's because of its tracks and the fact that it actually hasn't killed any of its prey.

Neighbors said they just want it found.

"There's no question in my mind, this animal needs to be put down," said Parker. "Once an animal gets a taste for blood they don't stop."

If it is determined the attacker is someone's dog, that owner could be criminally charged.

Investigators said an attack hasn't happened in about a week and a half.


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