Are you protected from cyber attacks?

Published On: Aug 13 2013 10:48:00 PM HST

Hackers invading your privacy and you might not even know it. A local expert weighs in on how protect your privacy.

The next time you turn on your smart TV or log on to surf the web, you might want to think about the devices your looking at. Hackers could be looking back at you through those built in cameras.

"Once I'm on the network, I can actually scan the network for devices and it will tell me what doors I can possibly try and break into," says Brian Chee, an IT Specialist for the Advanced Network Computing Lab at UH Manoa.

Behind those doors are your private security cameras, smart TV's, IPads, webcams and anything else hooked up on your wireless network.

Hackers can sit outside, sometimes up to two miles away, target your unsecured network with an antenna and invade your privacy. Being able to watch every move you make.

Brian Chee is a "good guy" when it comes to hacking. He's an IT specialist at UH Manoa's Advanced Network Computing Lab that trains students to prevent cyber attacks. To do that you need experienced hackers.

One day, Chee was downtown scouting for unsecured networks when one caught his eye.

"I just about dropped my camera and was like, 'oh my god it's open and I'm seeing bank transactions go by,"' says Chee.

But instead of stealing from that bank, Chee helped it's security. Now he's trying to help those at risk.

"Cyber crime happens because the general public doesn't know, doesn't care, or is too lazy to change their passwords," says Chee.

Chee says skip the easy passwords like "password" and "1 2 3 4 5 6." Complex passwords like random numbers and letters can ward off hackers. You should change those on routers as well as all your network devices.

"Most of these smart devices are WIFI so just by making sure your WIFI network is secure, that closes a bunch of doors for the hackers," says Chee.

Chee says another way to prevent hackers from watching you is to simply block their view.

"You might want to stick post it note over the camera, especially if you're in bed."

Another thing to check is your WIFI security. If you're still using the out of date WEP, hackers can break in, in couple of hours. Experts say the new WPA2 is designed to keep supercomputers out for decades.


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