Concrete barriers at the beach? Laniakea task force members vote on plan

Published On: Sep 25 2013 11:06:00 PM HST

The traffic situation at Laniakea beach has been a hot topic at community meetings across the north shore. The Laniakea task force met with the Department of Transportation and community members Wednesday night to discuss a short term solution.

The DOT has heard it all when it comes to this traffic problem. It says it wants to help, but many residents aren't seeing eye to eye with it's plan.

One of the first community members to testify at the meeting poled the crowd himself.

"How many guys does not want the barriers?," asked Earl Dahlin, a nearby resident. "Take the barriers away, we don't need it, we can deal with the people."

The states plan is to put in concrete barriers across the beaches parking lot to block it off. The blockade could go in as soon as early next year and the DOT says there's no other viable short term solution.

"We know this isn't a perfect solution but this is something we can do now, this is something we can implement relatively quickly, to address some of the traffic issues that they're having," said Caroline Sluyter, Department of Transportation.

A majority of the residents that spoke at the meeting agreed that this plan is just a band aid solution.

"Sure it will help the traffic but at what price? I think we deserve a whole lot better than what you're offering," said Bob Leinau, a nearby resident.

"You're kicking a can down the road, where are they going to park, they will find a place to park somewhere else," said another community member.

But a few others say any plan beats the current situation.

"It's a bummer, it's not the best solution but it's something, and I'm sick of nothing happening," said Sean Ginella, a nearby resident.

Nothing happening has been a common theme to this issue, but residents on both sides wouldn't allow that trend to continue. While a vote wasn't scheduled to happen at the meeting, they forced the issue.

Seven of the 19 members of the Laniakea task force voted to allow the barriers to be put up for a one year demonstration. The DOT will take that into consideration along with the testimony and will eventually make a decision on whether or not to put in the parking barriers.


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