Extreme adventurers take fun to new heights

Published On: May 14 2014 01:37:00 PM HST

Hawaii has a history of extreme sports, from surfing to lava rock sledding and cliff diving.

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Now, a group of athletes is putting a new twist on some of these extreme activities, and their actions are getting a lot of attention.

The Hawaii thrill-seekers like to take their sense of adventure right to the edge, and then they jump off!

"We've got a group that likes to do stunts. We like to put together stuff that's fun, think outside the box and do stuff that other people don't always get to do," said former competitive high-diver Dan. Dan and the rest of the group did not want their last names used in this piece.

Stuff like turning the state's scenic lookouts and landscapes into action rides.

"The beach and everything just doesn't cut it anymore, so we try to find new ways to have fun," said Andrew with Shibbystylee.

Their latest adrenalin-pumping adventure: a zip line rigged off rugged east Oahu cliffs for a ride that ends with a high-dive splashdown.

"It was like taking a leap of faith, here goes nothing sort of feeling. It was definitely an adrenalin rush," said adventure enthusiast Erin.

That rush helps the group of friends push the limits on their leaps, and their exploits are filmed for everyone to see.

"It's just fun and makes everything worthwhile. You feel like you are really living," said adventure enthusiast Lauren.

According to the group, what they are doing is not illegal but it is also not allowed. So they continue until they are shut down by authorities.

The acrobatic athletes attract a lot of attention and it isn't long before a crowd gathers to watch and photograph the action.

Even more people are watching online. Their YouTube clips have over a million views.

The clips include one of an incredible 90-foot leap into Hilo's Rainbow Falls -- a dangerous jump for those not experienced or physically prepared for a dive that high.

"The week before I did the jump, someone got paralyzed. The week after someone died," said Dan.

Even experienced athletes can get hurt, a point driven home during the day of zip lining. One diver hit the water wrong and needed help getting back to shore.

Their videos may inspire some people to try new experiences around the islands, but some worry it may also encourage the inexperienced to get in over their heads.

"I worry a little about it, but I would hope they would be safe about it and work their way up. That's what we do," added Dan.

"It is the same thing with surfing. Those guys are putting their lives on the line, we're doing the same, but we're taking precautions too. We know what we're getting ourselves into," added Andrew.

The zip lining clip should be posted to Shibbystylee's YouTube channel this summer.


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