Inked individuals' tattoo regrets

Published On: Aug 04 2013 05:30:00 AM HST


There's a tattoo expo in town, but not everyone is celebrating their ink.

Step into the Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall this weekend and there's no way you can't see a tat: tattoos on legs, art on arms and in some cases, bodies covered in ink.

But some at the expo don't want some of their nearly-permanent designs on display.

"It's kind of shame," said Waipahu resident Craig Keahi. "Bad choices and decisions in life and later on, regretting having put those tattoos on me."

Keahi hides those tats with a sleeve. He says it's too costly to get them laser removed and that he'll likely cover them with other tattoos.

In his case, he blames himself, but Malice Wright says she blames her artist for her regretful art.

"That's when I learned that you need to look through the portfolios and talk to other people that have been tattooed by that artist and see, see work that they've already done," Wright said.

Work that some say should be well thought out and meaningful.

"Every one you get is significant," said U.S. Army Pfc. Steven DiMartino. "It always means something to you."

And they're something that always goes with you.

Wright said, "Anyone who gets heavily tattooed, you know, you do run that risk of any kind of like corporate job field. Most of the people that can get away with like being heavily tattooed are, have a skilled trade or work for themselves."

"You know, some people still have that bias opinion, but I think more and more as time goes on, we get a little bit more liberal," DiMartino said. "You know, people relax about it a little bit. So hopefully one day you know, tattoos will be, you know, just like piercings."

"If you do get a tattoo, make a healthy choice and decision. Have meaning in it and yeah, just make wise choices and decisions in getting inked," Keahi added.


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