Kaneohe homeowner comes up with solution to scare off hikers

Published On: Jun 11 2014 12:00:39 AM HST   Updated On: Jun 11 2014 07:02:30 AM HST
KANEOHE, Hawaii -

A Kaneohe resident trapped by an illegal hiking trail has come up with a sharp solution to scare off hikers but that resident's action has hikers concerned over a safety hazard.

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The trail is the popular Haiku Stairs. The trail has been off limits for years and many people know that one of the few ways of being able to do the hike is to start climbing before the guard gets to work before the sun comes up or after the guard leaves. That's part of what's contributing to that resident's problems.

At the end of Haiku road sits one of the entrances to the popular "Stairway to Heaven" trail. The gate is usually closed and covered in barbed wire so to get by hikers need to climb over or find a way around. That's caused one heck of a headache for Ken Rose who owns the house that borders the trail.

"Fence planks have been torn off, the box has been torn apart. We've maintained that and then repaired it and then put the spikes on there to try to deter them from climbing on the fence,” said Rose.

For three years Rose says hikers have tramped over his property, making noise in the middle of the night. Hikers say going early is the only option.

"I would say about two to three o'clock sometimes and go through the gate, we park in the neighborhood, try to be as quiet as you can be obviously. We don't want to wake the neighbors, that's the whole issue I’m guessing,” said Noel Flores, a hiker.

With a clear view overlooking Kaneohe from the Koolau Mountains, it's no surprise why dozens of hikers show up daily and they don't believe it'll stop.

"Every time I go there's different holes in the fence, there's different ways to get around. If they're going to want to do it, they're going to find a way to do it regardless of what people do, how much barbed wire, what boxes with spikes, they're going to do it,” said Flores.

Rose says the confrontations have gone too far. He does what he can by warning hikers that they're trespassing but just three months ago that warning backfired after he says a group of over a dozen hikers came onto his property and got physical.

"A female pushed my wife. I tried to intervene and pushed her back and then I was jumped by about three male hikers,” said Rose.

While Rose says they've since recovered, they're hoping the sight of screws sticking out of his fence will put a slowdown on their ever growing problem.

The city doesn't believe the homeowner needs a permit for the changes he made to his fence, however the city says he could be liable if someone were to get hurt.

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We also spoke with the Friends of Haiku Stairs who says it has a solution to this problem. That group wants the fence at the end of Haiku Road to be removed, the road opened to the public and a "Stairway to Heaven" learning center to be created at the old Omega Station in the back of Haiku Valley.

Nails in fence

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