North Dakota passes Hawaii in "Happiest" State ranking

By Brenton Awa
Published On: Feb 21 2014 10:50:00 PM HST

After reigning champion for five years, Hawaii is no longer the "happiest" state according to a recent Gallup Poll.


After reigning champion for five years, Hawaii is no longer the happiest state in the U.S according to the current Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index score that has dropped our state to eighth overall.

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If you're thinking beautiful sand beaches, perfect weather and a reputation as a virtual paradise make Hawaii the happiest state in the nation, you'd be wrong. It turns out North Dakota is the new champion.

"They got it upside down I think, you got to flip it back over the other way," said Clint Cazimero a Hawaii Kai resident.

"That's crazy," said Stan Engelsen, a visitor from Chicago.

"That's weird," said Ku'ulei Lynch, a Kahalu'u resident.

"That's hard to believe," said Jason Haskins, a Makiki resident.

You can say that again, where else can you lay on a beach in February?

"If I was in North Dakota, I would most certainly not be doing that," said Claire Hodge, a Kailua resident.

"I think there's a million more things to do here, hikes, waterfalls, beaches," said Kim Buziak, a visitor from New Jersey.

"Just a relaxed chilled out atmosphere," said Haskins.

Some say the study is flat out wrong.

"Yeah they missed something, I think they missed a lot of things," said Lance Hart, a Pearl City resident.

But we won't lie, Hawaii does have its share of drawbacks.

"In the afternoon if you're going west, really big traffic and yesterday it took my like 45 minutes just to get to Waipahu," said Rhiyan Kamai, a Kalihi resident.

"Buying a place seems unreachable for people so that drives away a lot of people and you can see that," said another resident.

But still, North Dakota?

"I've only driven through it and that's all you need to do really, there's not much there," said Engelsen.

KITV4 took it's own poll with people from the West Coast to the East Coast asking if people would move to North Dakota.

"No, I'd move to the other side of the island, that's as far as I'd go." said Cazimero.

"Definitely not, definitely not," said Hart.

"No absolutely not," said Hodge.

"No I'd rather stay here," said Kamai.

"I would not move to North Dakota," said Scroeder.

"No, I wouldn't drive through North Dakota again," said Engelsen.

"I wouldn't move from New Jersey to North Dakota," said Buziak.

The ranking:
1. North Dakota
2. South Dakota
3. Nebraska
4. Minnesota
5. Montana
6. Vermont
7. Colorado
8. Hawaii
9. Washington
10. Iowa

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