Says "Deedy got involved because he felt a guy was getting picked on"

Published On: Jul 24 2013 06:58:00 PM HST

Day 11 in the special agent Christopher Deedy's murder trial was filled with tears on the stand and in the gallery. But it was an important day, breaking down the events and the injuries that help to tell the story.

"(Christopher) Deedy and (Jessica West) were intoxicated," said McDonald's cashier Brandalynn Salzbrenner.

"How do you know that?" asked deputy prosecutor Janice Futa.

"I could smell them when they talked," said Salzbrenner.

Salzbrenner said she remembers that night well -- no matter how hard she tries to forget it.

She remembered Kollin Elderts asking customer Michel Perrine if he could buy his food, joking with him, enough for Salzbrenner to ask Elderts to stop.

Then she said she saw Deedy engaging, to stop what she believes he saw as harassment.

"I remember Kollin's friend (Shane Medeiros) telling Deedy not to get involved in the situation because it wasn't between him," she said.

Salzbrenner said she saw the group fighting.

Then, she broke down recalling the moment Deedy reached for his gun.

"He was telling Kollin..." she trailed off, and then broke down crying, unable to finish her thought.

"Elderts had several injures," began medical examiner Kanthi De Alwiss.

Elderts was pronounced dead at 3:24am on Nov. 6, 2011.

She said he died of bleeding from an injury to the lung.

The pictures of his body were almost too much for family members to take, with several putting their heads down, crying, and others leaving the courtroom.

But those pictures provided critical details:

--From the power tattoo: those red marks on his face that showed one bullet grazed Elderts' cheek.

--To the horizontal injury on his leg: that the medical examiner said appeared to come from a kick to the shin.

"The blood alcohol would have been higher at time of shooting than death," defense attorney Karl Blanke asked De Alwiss.

"Yes," she responded.

De Alwiss reported the blood alcohol test, performed about a day later, and with Elderts' blood already diluted with fluids, came in at 0.127.

The toxicology report also showed Elderts was not only drunk, but on drugs.

"So all three substances were present simultaneously," Blanke asked, referring to the alcohol, marijuana and cocaine found in his system.

"Yes," confirmed De Alwiss.

As the defense attorneys got their turn with Salzbrenner, she admitted she didn't actually see everything that happened -- still leaving holes and conflicting reports on what happened that terrifying and tragic night.

"What were you scared of?" asked Futa.

"Because if he could have shot one person, he could have shot us all," said Salzbrenner.

Defense attorneys pointed out that on a number of occasions on the video, you see Salzbrenner turn or look away, so they argue she could not have seen everything that happened.

Salzbrenner was also the one who called 911, saying the shooter had left the building when he had not.


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