Security guard testifies that Elderts, Medeiros were bothering customer

Published On: Aug 02 2013 02:58:28 PM HST

One month into the Christopher Deedy murder trial and we're still hearing new accounts of what happened on the night of the deadly McDonald's shooting.

Two new defense witnesses were called to the stand on Thursday.

Rosalinda Soriano was the security guard working at the fast food restaurant that night.  Her job was to watch, observe and report anything out-of-the-ordinary.

She says her attention was drawn to Kollin Elderts and Shane Medeiros because the two were loud and bothering others, even disrespecting her.

"He knows I'm a security.  He's knows I'm wearing uniform.  But the way he waved his hand is, like, 'Hi security.'  Not with respect," said Soriano.

Soriano says Elderts was also irritating another customer Mikel Parine.  But, last week, Medeiros claimed the two were joking.

"I notice this guy still staring.  'Do you have an [expletive] problem?  We told you we're just joking around with you, but you're still staring us.'" said Medeiros.

Soriano says it was more than joking.

"So, it went from joking to bothering, annoying and then bullying is that what you saw?' asked the defense attorney.  Soriano said, "Correct, sir.  He never stopped bothering Mr. Parine."

Soriano says that Elderts eventually sat down, but kept talking to Parine.  That's when Christopher Deedy appeared in her sights.  She says the special agent appeared calm and went up to Elderts talking softly.

But, soon after, the commotion started.

"People become hyperactive, violent, sometimes belligerent," said Dr. Jonathan Arden.

Earlier in the day, the defense's first expert witness also painted a different image of what happened that night.  Dr. Arden believes some key conclusions by the city medical examiner and lead investigator are wrong, including which gun shot killed Elderts.

Dr. Arden believes it was the third and final shot instead of the second.  That's a critical point for the defense.  Believing it supports their argument that Deedy was pinned to the ground, being beaten by Elderts, when the federal agent fired that fatal shot.

On Monday, we'll hear more from Soriano as well as expert witnesses on law enforcement training and the use of firearms.


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