Shane Medeiros says Christopher Deedy mistook 'joking around' as harassment

Published On: Jul 25 2013 06:48:00 PM HST

Friends since childhood, Shane Medeiros says he, Kollin Elderts, and friends were drinking, celebrating and having a good time on the night of Nov. 5, 2011 before they stopped at McDonald's in Waikiki -- their last stop before heading back to their hotel.

"They were all laughing, they knew we were kidding around," he said joking with cashiers at the Waikiki McDonald's on Kuhio Avenue.

He told jurors the two of them started joking with a customer, Michel Perrine, who didn't take it so well.

"Kollin said to the (cashier) 'You're gonna take his order and not my order? I see how it is. I see how it is.' I remember this guy (Perrine) looking over and saying, like, 'I live in Hawaii too.' I just remember calling and telling him 'good for you.' Then (Kollin) made it clear, he told the guy, we're just joking."

Medeiros said Perrine continued to stare at him, which sparked his harsh words.

"I notice this guy still staring, so I said 'do you have an (expletive) problem? We told you we were just joking around with you, why still staring?'" he said he told Perrine.

That's when he said he first noticed special agent Christopher Deedy.

He said moments later he walked over to where Elderts was sitting.

"He was just standing there like he had something to prove to us," said Medeiros.

"By the time I get there I heard him say (to Elderts),'acting like this will get you shot, you don't feel like getting shot do you?' And then Kollin and I looked at each other, like, 'what?' Then Kollin got up and said, 'you gonna shot me?' Deedy said 'you feel like getting shot? You wanna get shot?' (Deedy) said it multiple times," he said.

It was a heated exchange that was about to get a lot worse.

"Then I noticed the defendant put his hand on his right hip. At first thought it was a Tazer, at first, and then realized this is an actual gun, he has a gun," said Medeiros.

Medeiros said he soon started fighting with Deedy's friend Adam Gutowski.

"As we were on to each other, I just remember hearing 'bang, bang, bang’ hearing shots," he said.

"And when you heard the gun shots what did you do?" asked deputy prosecutor Janice Futa.

"I was kind of thinking that's not what I thought it was, and as we were kind of holding on to each other I kind of remember looking over and then just seeing little drops of blood on the ground," said Medeiros.

Medeiros said Gutowski and others pushed him out the door, and he couldn't get back in to McDonald's.

He said it wasn't until after the shooting that an officer told him Elderts was dead.


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